65 Fastback Spoiler Question

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by James Gillean, May 19, 2013.

  1. Has anyone ever used the Mustangs to Fear fiberglass bolt on spoiler?
    It is the first one I have ever seen for mustangs and was wondering how it fits and looks installed. If it works ,looks like it would be a lot better than the complete fiberglass deck lid, since all I can read is how much of a pain they are to get to look good.
    Update: I found a video of them doing one. Looks great, just wandering if anyone has done one and if it is really that easy. If so it sure beats using a glass deck lid.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxItkY2yxsc
  2. i realy dont like any thing that bonds on i have bonded on a lot of scoops and spoilers and sooner or later a line or a crack appears .it doesnt mater what bonding material you use. fiberglass and steel expand and contract a different rates so the two are working against each other. if it were me i would go for the full fiberglass pieces. repairs later can get expensive
  3. i agree to a point. most people tend to bond the fiberglass parts, and then work the panel for painting without allowing for proper curing time. done properly though, bonded parts are just as crack free as full on fiberglass replacement parts.
  4. A good bodyman told me that a thin layer of bondo between the metal and the fiberglass is the key to it not cracking down the road. I wouldn`t even repeat this info if I didn`t know the guys work is rock solid every time. I`ve never heard anything bad about anything made by Mustangs to Fear either.
  5. Personally I have never seen any fiberglass to metal bondings work out well. People always claim to know the secret, but in reality I've been around cars for a while and heard a lot of claims so until I actually see it for myself, I tend to not buy into such stories. Buy a one piece 'glass decklid and you'l be much happier in the long run.
  6. My full decklid is pretty sweet, end caps fit nice, skim coat of filler on one edge of one of them and they fit good. I agree with zookeeper, whole decklid is much better.
  7. We have been making the rear spoiler for almost 7 years with hundreds sold, and no complaints of any bonding issues. Our trick is use the structural adhesive on the bare metal and then prime the bodyfiller on the spoiler side. Bodyfiller is polyester and isn't compatible
    with structural adhesive. our DTM primer is also urethane based and bonds well to the structural adhesive. We just started full fiberglass deck lids this year.