'65 Mustang on craigslist Im interested in

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  1. Guys heres the deal. Im a ford enthusiast, and kinda live in the Fairlane/Torino world so Im a little green when it comes to stangs and their prices.

    So, my mom of 61 years had a sunlight yellow mustang in High School. Shes has ALWAYS missed that car and is finally getting to the age where she can think about getting one again. Her's was identical to this car on craigslist and she about starting crying when we found it...Im trying to get a hold of the seller to go check it out and take a closer look.

    Heres the deal, no V8 for her, she had a I6 before, and doesnt even know the difference and AC is important. This car looks in really good shape, but a little high in price to me for an I6. We thought about offering the guy 7, the color and AC alone make it worth it to her.


    What are your thoughts?
  2. Nice clean 6 cylinders are starting to go for bigger bucks these days due to fuel prices. Biggest problem is look for rustout in the cowl area that allows the vent area to leak water on the front floor which rusts out the front floor boards. Also look at the frame rails and torque boxes. Make sure the actual VIN under the hood on the driver's side fender apron matches the title and the warranty tag on the driver's side door.
  3. Did you end up getting it?