Progress Thread 66 Convertible Restoration: Engine, Suspension, Ez Wiring, Vent Windows,etc. Lots Of Pics

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  1. ^ haha, I can relate.

    My '65 had completely rebuilt 4-wheel drum brakes, and then we installed 4-wheel discs for a magazine article.

    It's had two transmissions. One stock rebuilt engine, which was then changed to a 289 w/302 crank and 351 heads. Then it was switched to a crate motor.

    And on... and on.. That's why it's so nice putting this '66 together - I know exactly what it needs!
  2. Wrapping??

    Hrm, that would solve some problem areas on my stang.

    Awesome project and a fabulous job!!
  3. ^ Thank you!!!

    I don't know the technical term, especially since cars are 'wrapped' in vinyl graphics nowadays.

    I just saw that it was common on hot rods/street rods, plus I saw a Mustang with vinyl where my car was painted in 2004 and liked how it looked.

    The reason why it's good for the Mustangs is because of the textured metal. Since you can't use filler or a thick primer, you pretty much have to find perfect metal; unless you're really good with a hammer/dolly.
  4. So that's most of the interior for now. I'm doing insulation soon. But I do have wiring pictures.

    I like the EZ-wiring kits. They are universal 18 (or 20.. I forget) kits that are perfect for Mustangs in terms of circuits and wire length.


    Fuse box is mounted in about the same location as the original. I'm really picky about wires criss-crossing, so I've spent a lot of time taking the harness apart to re-route everything.

    I ran two 3/4" holes with grommets. Upper hole is engine feed, and lower hole is headlight feed. These will be sealed up with 3M strip caulk once the routing is finalized.

    You're going to need a donor harness - this is the only way you'll be able to hook up factory switches. All connections are crimped with terminals, soldered, then seal with heat shrink.

    Routing. Hazards. etc.

    Everything gets wrapped in flex tubing. And I use the 3M electrical tape. About $4 a roll, but high quality!

    Headlight switch

    Out comes the wiring, and into painted PVC pipes. The exposed wiring will be covered.

    Headlights. And grounds/mounting bolts for horns.
  5. Bump.

    Engine is in
    Suspension is DONE!
    Interior just needs carpet, seats, and a radio
    Paint is polished

    Car will be on the road soon.

    Anyone care for a bunch of pictures?
  6. i just bought the 20 ez wiring for my 65 fastback.
    i am having troubles figuring out which wire goes where ,
    can you please show pictures of the column , headlight switch , ignition and flasher if possible

  7. I would, load em up :pop: