66 Mustang Exhaust


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Jan 30, 2017
Hey everyone, I was wondering if I can get some input on exhaust options. I have a '66 with a built 302 (Anderson N-61 cam, Holley carbeurated, edelbrock victor jr heads, etc.). I have hooker comp long tubes already on the block. I'm deciding what is the best exhaust for me. I'm not a modest girl, so I want something to piss off my neighbors. The car is sleeper-esque looking right now. So I want a good tone to get attention. I was thinking H pipe, flowmaster super 10s, 3", to a dumped turn down right before the rear. I've seen videos with this set up and I'm in love. But obviously want to see what else is out there. Hit me..
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Apr 27, 2001
Cincinnati Ohio
I think your setup would sound great but I would take the exhaust all the way to the back myself. You may have an issue with fumes getting in the car. 3" would be real tight going over the rear and around the tank though, I have 2 1/2 and its pretty tight as well. Welcome and good luck. Post some pics.


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Mar 21, 2014
Kingman AZ
Being the stock car racer I am, I'd turn the pipes and flatten the ends to approximately 2x4, and have them exit in front of the rear tires. That does a better job of p***ing off the neighbors, and reduces the potential exhaust in the cab. It also heats the meats a little for better traction.
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