67 Fastback Front Disc Brake Replacement

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  1. I've been snooping around the for a while now it time to see the knowledge of the board I bought the car about 3 weeks ago and am in the process of checking all the systems.

    I need t0 replace the front discs and pads, the build sheet I have says it has the "Granada conversion" front brakes, I think this means 75-80 something ford Granada 5 lug, 11 inch rotors, rear steer spindles. it is NOT power and I know it has single piston calipers.

    I would like to up-grade the rotors drilled, slotted etc... and get a set of good pads so it will stop.
    I know there are big brake kits out there, but I just want a good replacement set of rotors and pads for now and will seriously up grade later.

    Any0ne have any knowledge on what to get and where to get the parts?
  2. Hi, I just got my 65 a month ago also. It has the granada discs on frnt. Just from dealing with my 68 C-10 once you have the swap complete then you can look for better caliphers and pads on the hot rod sites, Summit ect. Summit has excellent tech help and I have spent a ton of green with them on the old chevy. Summit racing. I put Discs from a 72 C-10 and then once all that was complete I upgraded to better bigger thru them. Good luck. Im sure theres other places, Jegs maybe?? I just like summit. You order from them today its there in 2 days, plus they are usually the least expensive.
  3. Go with a slotted rotor, skip the cross drilled. The braking potential is maximized by the surface area of the face on the rotor. The cross drilled rotors tend to crack around the cross drilled locations and remove real estate from the rotor face. Slotted don't have the problem with cracking. The purpose of the cross drilling/slotting is to remove the gas that builds up between the rotor face and the pad. Unless you are REALLY running the car hard, slotted is all you need.

    Larger than 12" rotor will require a larger rim. The largest factory rim was 15" which will fit the factory 11" rotor and I believe it will fit the larger 12" rotor from the tbird setup which is not a common upgrade anymore. If your wheels are factory type or size, you wont be able to go to a 13" rotor without buying new rims/tires too. Most kits for the front of these cars that are larger than a Granada setup are 13" rotors.

    The biggest mistake with manual breaks is actually the master cylinder used. If your pedal is rock hard and the car doesn't stop easily, likely the bore of the MC is too large for you to use without a power booster, or your pads are glazed and not doing their job.

    You can try a set of RAYBESTOS Part # SGD91M pads. These are a semi-metallic pad instead of an organic pad. The organic was standard on a regular Granada. The semi-metallic was standard on the police/taxi line. The organic is a softer compound and doesn't eat into the rotor but also produces much more gas which decreased the braking efficiency and causes break fade. The semi-metallic will not create as much gas under hard breaking conditions and will give a much more consistent experience under hard driving but will wear the rotor out much faster.

    Centric parts bought StopTech (or maybe always owned them ?) and are the only source I found in my 1 minute of looking that has a slotted rotor, part numbers are CENTRIC Part # 12761010L and 12761010R.

    Try those pads/rotors and you should get a better experience. If the pedal still feels rock hard and doesn't do anything better for you, you likely have a stuck/sticky piston in one or both calipers and/or a problem in the master cylinder.
  4. The Granada setup is plenty to stop any 3200 lb car, and is actually overkill in stock form for a Mustang. That's why so many people do it. Unless you are road racing for hours on end, you don't need slotted rotors either. I raced a stock Maverick that weighed 3,000 lbs on a 3/8 mile paved oval (can be compared to Martinsville VA) and never had any brake issues. We ran 50 green flag laps one night, and the engine ran a bit toasty, but the brakes never had any issue. The Maverick/Granada disc brake setup is identical for both cars. With the Granada setup you can't change the diameter of the rotor without also changing the caliper bracket.
    If you decide to go crazy and change the caliper brackets, I want your old ones! If you decide to go really crazy and buy new spindles etc, I'll buy your whole setup - if the price is right!
  5. Thanks for the info, sounds like I don't need to spend the cash on the fronts but I do want to go with the Wilwood rear disc set up. Just got it back From a month of sorting out a clutch issue, it's time to drive !