67 Super Snake Project

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  1. Thanks John. It was a pleasure meeting you. And congratulations to you, too. Very nice 65 FB. Excellent paint job. Beautiful engine. And at 2700 lbs, I bet that thing screams!


    I might try and make it to the Texas Classic Car show. But is it really an 8am-4pm show?

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  2. Yea, it is an 8 to 4. There is a check box on the registration form asking if you plan on staying the entire show. If I go, I probably will not stay for the entire show since it gets so stinkin hot at that time of the year and there is not a large amount of shade there. It is one of the bigger shows in Austin... if not the biggest... I feel that your car will win best of show there. In Jan-Feb there is one at the Parmer Convention Center that is a 3 day indoor show also.

    It was a pleasure meeting you also. Personally, I think your car was the best one there... It was an honor to be able to take a class award in the same category. PM me when you want to meet up or need information about shows... There are many more shows...

  5. Richard, theres some parts that i would like to buy from UP, but i no longer see thier parts section on thier page. Do you have a link or anyway i can contact them to get a catalog or something? Thanks
  6. Unique Performance

    UP stopped selling parts in Oct 06, was supposed to re-open early 07. Try calling (800) 418-4543 ask for David Reed.
  7. Hey Richard, it's Hmbre97 from CTS. Where did you get your rotiserrie from and what was the cost?
  8. Rotisserie Plans

    I actually built it for like $250 in metal and castors. The plans that I drew up are here. This is an XLS spreadsheet with all the items, lengths, etc to build it yourself.

    Rotisserie Plans
  9. sweet sounding blower. and nice "compound" you keep your car in. If I had something like that, I would keep it locked up tight as well.
  10. well it just took me 2 hours to finish this thread. Just wanted to say great job and thanks for being so detailed! Definately gave me plenty of ideas!

    Just curious how you like the FAST XFI?
  11. Good luck getting the question answered. He hasn't logged on since 9/14/07. At least he was nice enough to share the build with us. It is a very nice car.
  12. I know that his job has had him away for the last couple of months. Be patient.

  13. i'm sure he hasn't forgetten about us!
  14. Sorry guys, I have 8 Income Tax stores in San Antonio. Been real busy for the last 6 months, but now I'm back.

    I really like the Fast XFI. Controls everything, fuel pump initial prime, monitors boost pressure and backs out some timing when needed, and of course all the EFI stuff. Other things that I dont use, like clutch lock for AT. But the most inportant reason I chose it, because because my dyno guy knows it like the back of his hand.
  15. how is the body holding up with that much hp? I noticed you didn't really do much to stiffen up the body other than the standard bolt on stuff (engine bay/shock tower bracing, subframe connectors, etc)
  16. I've got a little more than 1100 miles on her now. No stress cracks that I can find anywhere. I did use the sub frame braces and the x brace, along with the roll bar (not really much bracing there). I haven't been doing any hard launches with it, but from 50 without clutching it, starts braking loose at in third at about 60 and will will smoke them most the way to 100mph.

    BTW, I welded the cross brace and sub frame connectors. I prefer that to just bolting them in. Much stronger, IMHO.
  17. I don't remember...did you use the 2-point Shelby rollbar? Those provide marginal stiffness compared to a 4-point. But you're right about welding them as opposed to bolting them.
  18. It is a semi 4 point that welds on the floor and then back to the rear inside fender well. Not much rigidity on that fender well, but every little bit counts.