68/69 Styled steel wheels 15X7 & 15X8

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by doogie67, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. One set of 68/69 Chrome Styled Steel wheels (2) 15X7 & (2) 15X8 with plain center caps. They have like new tires on them right now but I will sell them without the tires also. Tires are 215/65/15 on the 15X7s' and Brand new 255/60/15 on the 15X8s' Lugs included. These wheels have 60 miles on them. Wheels are $689 at CJs Pony parts.
    Asking $600 wheels & $750 for The wheels & tires(Balanced). located in central PA.

    PM me for pics and more details.

  2. will you take anything in trade? not sure if i have much that would be tradeable but if you need something specific let me know. i only wish i had the cash to buy them because thay is exactly what i wanted for my 69 GT restomod. right now it has 17x8 e'brock 454's, i would trade those but it would be your wheels plus some cash for the e'brocks
  3. I am old school when it comes to wheels, so I would not be interested in the 454s'. I am looking for a used supercharger or aluminum heads.

    Thanks for the offer,
  4. no sweat, it was the only wheels i had to offer or i wouldn't have even mentioned it. no aluminum heads or supercharger. guess, i'll just save up the money to buy a new set, thanks anyway, though.
  5. Price dropped to $550 For the wheels & $675 for wheels & tires.
  6. What is the center hole diameter? I'd like to know if they will fit granada spindles.
  7. Magnum 500s?

    Are these wheels like the magnum 500s? Email me pics please? How far are you from Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462? Thanks, Kerry
  8. The center hole is 2 3/4" (2.750). They are not like magnum 500's.
  9. Do you know the offsets on the rims?
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