68 Keyless Entry??

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  1. i have recently acquired a beautiful 1968 notchback. i absolutely love this car and am certain it will one day be included in the reading of my will. (hopefully in a very long time from now!) but it does have a few issues that i intend on either correcting or changing.

    it was a full drag race car for part of its life, and during that time the door handles and locks were removed. it later recieved a restoration back to a streetable car and had the door handles re-installed. although they shaved the locks. i like the look of the car without the lock cylinders in the door, however the doors are fully capable of being locked from the inside. so naturally i am paranoid that one day the doors will be locked and shut leaving me to try and jimmy it open. obviously the easiest solution is keyless unlocking doors. so after informing you of all that un needed information my question is this......

    is there a kit for installing keyless entry actuators onto a 68 mustang, and should i pay a professionalor do it myself? i am very mechanically minded and an industrial electrician by trade, but i have never installed a keyless entry kit and do not know what sort of modification, drilling, fabrication, welding, etc... it will require. Any info and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do an internet search, I've seen it done before. Not too complicated, fabricate a mounting bracket, and linkage to the lock mechanism on the door latch for a lock solenoid. Then wire it up to the alarm of your choice. The setup is pretty simple, you can probably use the spot the lock cylinder linkage attached to.

    Good luck!
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