1. i figured i'd start my own build thread so i'll have a place to ask the TRUCKLOAD of questions that i know i will have in the near future. i started another thread already under "introduction" and proceeded to put in the wrong place.....who brought the new guy :stupid:

    so here's where i'll start to post pics as i go along and hopefully get some input from you guys as i progress through the tear down and re-build. i officially started about a week ago and this is my attempt at this type of a project so school is definitely in session. my goal is to be putting the keys back into the ignition by this time next year............we'll see :shrug:

    so here's my first question:

    since i have the car on jack stands and the wheels/tires are off of the ground should i still remove them? or will they be fine where they are as long as i cover them up?
  2. Why is it on jack stands? You dont have to remove the wheels if you dont want to. If you think you might want to then youll need a lug wrench or a socket set with a rachet, you turn the lug nuts (bolts that hold wheel on) counter clockwise to remove them. If you store the wheels with tires do not store them standing up lay them flat.

    Im sure you know all of this.

    Welcome to stangnet!
  3. it's up on jack stands because it makes it easier for me get under the car. and from what i've been told it's bad for the tires to sit in one place too long without being moved.

    regarding the lug wrench.....i'm detecting a bit of sarcasm :D

    thanx for the help :nice:

    not sure how or why the first of my double posts got there but the newb strikes again!
  4. good luck with the build and thanks for the nice comment on my build
  5. thanx to you and several others for posting all of the pics and details of what's being done. i believe it will be a great help as i'm going through my own build.
  6. i came across this ad this morning on craigslist......

    Ford explorer ported upper and lower intake,bolt on 20hp at the wheel.........asking $75

    the title says it's a ported GT40 intake. what does it mean by explorer? as in it came off a ford expolorer? or is explorer a type of intake for a 5.0?
  7. here is what the intake looks like.......

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  8. came off a v8 explorer
  9. thanx. i'm guessin' that wouldn't be toooo much of an upgrad :D:notnice:
  10. Wow, that's not a bad price for upper/lower.
  11. They are, its basicly the same thing as a cobra intake. It wont hurt thats for sure and its pretty cheap.
  12. snag that intake up before someone beats you to it.
  13. really? the intakes off of the ford explorer were better than the ones on mustang? i'll call them and see if it's still available. is there anything that i should look for that would make me not want to buy them?
  14. Yes they are very good intakes. Its basically the same as a Cobra Intake. The throttle body on the explorer intake is also good. Its a 65mm unit. It requires some modification but its easy to do.
  15. damn, i had no idea!!! i've already tried contacting them with no response yet.
  16. i could use the lower the one that i have has a broken stud where the guy tried cutting it out.i am going to look for one in the junkyards locally but that is a good price for both upper and lower.
  17. here's a of pic of "ground zero". i haven't been able to get too far into the tear down phase but it'll get there. i should be able to pull off a few more things this weekend..........

    i tried to unbolt the exhaust manifolds but i couldn't loosen the bolt that goes into the cats. so they are unbolted from the block but still attached to the cats. i'll try to get the intakes, valve covers, manifolds and maybe the injectors over the course of this next weekend.

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  18. i picked up the upper/lower intake i asked about the other day. here's a few pics......

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  19. couple more....

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  20. so if anyone needs a stock intake mine will be for sale shortly :nice: