88 GT Resurection

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  1. Closing the shop was a love/hate deal. I love not having the headaches associated with running it, but I hate working for someone and not having the freedom I had before. I had the shop for about 15 years and I have to admit I got lazy. If I had worked as hard for the last two years there as I work now I probably wouldn't have closed.

    This car isn't going anywhere. I have more money in the motor than the whole car is worth so I couldn't sell it if I wanted to...hahaha...... plus this is the longest I have ever owned a car.
  2. UUGH!!! I can't believe how time has flown by. This car has been dragging out for WAY too long. My problem is I always buy something nice to drive so I never have motivation to get this one done. Lately I have had the itch to buy a late model Challenger. I won't let myself do it until this car is finished. I am now determined to finish it soon.

    I just finished the fuel system upgrade. I took off the old braided line with the blue & red fittings. I installed new teflon lined braided hose with all black fittings. I am really close to getting it started now. I am ordering some stuff from Cervinis and made arrangements with my friend to paint it. I am hoping to have it on the road in two months..... we'll see.....


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