Suspension 88 Notch With Sn95 Disc 5lug Questions

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  1. image.jpg image.jpg I got a 88 notch that I'm getting ready to do a 5 lug conversion from a 95 mustang. Complete rear axle, front spindles and brakes, master cylinder with what I believe is a hydro boost. Now I know all the little extras I need to get but can some explain the hydro boost set up and if its worth doing. Read a little and I guess it goes off power steering pressure but not sure. Any replies helpful hints info ect.. Would be helpful Thanks !!
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    Either one of these guys above should be able to assist you with this. This will alert them to the thread. Best of luck with your project! :nice:

    I'm betting that the guys will talk you into Fox length axles for that rear end though.
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  3. Thanks. Ya I'm not sure if I should ditch the hydro boost or not. I didn't realize what it was when I bout it except that it wasn't regular booster

  4. I've not done a hydro-boost setup but it's one of those things that I've wanted to do. So I'll be watching this thread to see how how it goes.
  5. Installing an OEM hydroboost unit in a fox isn't the easiest of tasks. There are differences between the MC unit in 96-98 and 99+ Cobra models, so your Cobra brakes 'should' match for optimal performance. The other issue is the pedal box. You typically need a pedal box out of a hydroboost car. It's not a bolt in swap either. Apparently the 03 Cobra boxes are easier to install. e

    The stock steering rack and PS pump can be used. I'm not sure if you will have to modify any of the lines or not.

    I took the easy, but expensive, way out and purchased a hydroboost unit from Hydratech. They make a bolt-in fox kit that uses the stock mounts and pedal box. Comes with all the necessary lines and fittings. Hydroboost was one of those things that I just 'had' to have on my car, so I went that route. If you are indifferent between vacuum and hydroboost, I'd probably skip it.

    As for the rear axles, it depends on the backspacing of your wheels. You can get away with the extra 3/4" of track width if you have the right wheels. I used to never like the look of the tires right up against the fender lips, but I've come to embrace that look over the years. I don't have a choice but to like it now with my super wide IRS track width on my car...

    Hopefully Mustang5L5 can chime in. He has forgotten more about Mustang brakes than I'll ever know.
  6. Unless you have a specific reason to run the hydro boost, I'd sell it off and stick to simple vacuum booster. The MC and attached lines are unusable to you as well.

    Are you sure those parts came from a 1995? Hydro boost didn't debut until 1996 on the 4.6L mustang only.

    Before I continue, need to identify what specific parts you have as there are slight differences. Also, what wheels do you plan on running, and can you snap a pic of front brakes for identification?

    Also, do you want to install the entire rear axle? Or just take what you need and put it into your car? If you want to swap entire axle, need to confirm its a 94-98 unit and not 99+
  7. Thanks guys for the quick response. I'm sure now after doing some research that the hydro boost is a 96. So I can use the master that's good. The rear axle is from a junk yard were they pull the parts and is written on as a 95 mustang axle. I know with the axle I have to use specific back space wheels which I'm not worried about now cause the swap ant going to be done right away. But realized what I got with the purchased I made. But I think I can't beat all of it for $255.
  8. You can't use that MC. It's not compatible.

    For a recommendation as to which MC you need, I need to know what front calipers you are using.
  9. I'm using the stock 95 gt caliper
  10. Then you'll need to pick up a 94-95 GT/v6 MC with 1 1/16" bore, and a 93 cobra booster or 94-95 booster. You'll also need a matched 3-2 port conversion and adjustable prop valve.

    If you got all that for $ did damn good.
  11. Sweet well I'm glad I picked them up then. I guess I'll try and sell the hydro boost and go junk garden. 2 questions. We're do you get the 3-2 conversion? And the junk yard cut the rear brake lines. What should I do about those? Thanks for all the help

    Has them. Part number mmbak-3. Will let you install a 94-95 GT MC in an 87-93 mustang.

    You'll also need part number mm-2450-a to gut your stock prop valve.

    As for rear lines. You can reuse your stock brake lines with adapters but it depends where they cut them. I can't really tell from the pic you posted
  13. They cut the hard line right before it joins to the soft line on the rear axle. I currently have the 7.5 axle in the car cause its a 4cyl. But also have a stock 8.8 I can take parts off it. Would one of those work for the brake lines
  14. Is your car an original 5.0? If so, use the lines off the 8.8. You'll need to get some adapters however. Weather head 7818 adapters from napa are what you need. Autozone sells them too, but I can't recall the size conversion off the top of my head.
  15. Ya my parts car is original 5.0 so I can use those lines then. Thanks again for all the help. I'll Google the fittings for the lines. That saves me from crawling around in the junk yard.

    I don't need the pedal assy from the 95 for the booster and mc right.?
  16. Nope. Yours will work fine.
  17. Ok awsome I will get to work then. I love craigslist, already got the hydro boost sold. Thanks for the help you are a wiseman
  18. Sorry but the wheather head 7818, are those adapters for the soft Line to hard line?
  19. You thread them into the soft line where it mounts to the axle. Then, you can use a drum brake 8.8 axle hard line to adapt into them. You may have to bend a loop into the hard line as they were made for longer drum brakes. Just bend easily.
  20. Awesome that's what I thought. Well I sold the hydro for $50 so now I'll go pick up the 95 vacuum booster and mc. I shouldn't need the lines off the mc if I use the install kit from mms right.