Suspension 88 Notch With Sn95 Disc 5lug Questions

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  1. correct. You just need MC and booster.
  2. Alright I did read one article and it said you could use a 99-04 vacuum assist booster and Mayer cylinder. Is this correct and Amy advantage or disadvantages
  3. 99-04 V6 is a 1.003" bore MC. It's idential to a 1993 Cobra MC except for the port size fittings. Two reasons why not to use it. #1 is the bore is 1/16" smaller which will give you a softer, but more sensative pedal. #2, the port fittings are incorrect depending on if you get one off an ABS car or not.

    The correctly matched MC for the brakes you intend to use is the 1 1/16" bore MC off a 94-95 GT/V6

    The 99-04 Booster is compatible though. Just make sure you get the 4 nuts for the mounting studs with the booster as well.

    You cannot use a 96-98 booster from a V6 however. The pedal are geometry is different.
  4. Good to know for sure. Thanks once again
  5. Another question arose while screwing around on the internet. If I were ever to buy sport springs. Would I buy for the 88 or 95 or does it not matter?
  6. '88

    If you bought them for a SN95, the car would sit higher due to the slightly heavier weight. You can physically run both springs, but if you want to get close to the advertised height of the spring, buy them for a 79-93
  7. Thanks for all the help again. I'm getting closer to it becoming complete. One other question. If the rear axle arms are pretty much the same would a poly urethane bushing kit for a fox body work on a sn95 even though the part numbers are one number off???
  8. There are two sets of sn95 arms. One for 94-98 and another set for 99-04. The 99-04 set won't fit. The 94-98 set might fit
  9. So safe to say that I should just stick with the year of the axle. A guy had a new set for a fox for 20 but I don't think I'll get it.
  10. image.jpg So looking at the axle I need to figure out how to connect the 8.8 brake line to the 95 axle here are some pictures image.jpg
  11. You are kinda going to create a hybrid line setup on the axle.

    94-95 rear brake soft lines. They come with mounting brackets that bolt to the axle.

    In the center, install an 87-93 v8 center brake flex line and mount.

    Between them, either bend some pre-flared lines with adapters, or custom bend your own. Fox axle lines will work with weather head 7818 adapters. I don't know the size off the top of my head of the adapter.
  12. Ok so I have the adapters. Do I need to get different brake lines then what is in the picture. Or cut and flare the line on the calipers?
  13. I recall that PS soft line being incorrect, I cant remember for sure but I wanna say you need to ask for a 1994 GT soft line.
  14. The soft lines in the picture are not correct. You need the 94-95 versions.


    Here's how it installs
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  15. Hey thanks again for the information, I finally got it done. I even got prothane bushings and tubular control arms. 20140217_162624.jpg