Engine 90mm MAF on 94 stroker

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  1. i have a 94 stroker with 42lb injectors. ive seen alot of people using the lightning 90mm MAF. ive found one for fairly cheap thats already calibrated to 42lb injectors. is there any special adapter i need to use it. it has a 4 prong connection and im in afghanistan so i cant check to see which one mine has 4 or 6. the Lightning MAF is from a 99-00 lightning. any info would help guys
  2. not sure it is actually calibrated for 42 lb injectors, but that's another story....you have a 4 pin plug on the stock wiring harness, you can get an adapter from eBAY or Ford fuel injection.com for ~50 bucks....(hooray for 3.50 a day per diem!)...I think the Lightinng MAF's are 6 pin, due tothe IAT sensor but if you're seeing something different for sale, cool.
    what you may want to think about is the rest of the inlet, 90mm is ~4 inches, there may be something out there but I never found (or looked too hard) for a "cold air kit" that big...I did however get a air filter adapter and KnN from Summit and some rubber ducting from intake hoses.com and made my own.....

    good luck, keep your head down....
  3. Agreed about the calibration sentiments (calibrated generally applies to aftermarket MAF's that are trying to modify or fool factory programing/tuning). The LMAF might have come OEM on a vehicle with 42's, but that vehicle's ECU is probably not being used in the Mustang. The MAF transfer curves (LMAF vs stock Mustang) are different.

    In case any of the info is helpful, here's an article with some info.

    Good luck and stay safe.
  4. im building an 4 inch CAI of my own with piping from another cars CAI. The people ho are tuning my car said they could make the LMAF work just needed to make sure
  5. What is the motor combo? I personally find the Lightning meter to be lacking on many fronts depending on power level.....
  6. right now it has these parts and isnt finished yet

    d.s.s 347 stroker with forged internals
    -custom 4 inch CAI, BBK 80mm throttle body
    -trickflow track heat intake
    -edelbrock victor jr jheads ported
    -aeromotive fuel rails
    -42lb injectors, 25-75psi fuel regulator
    -aeromotive stealth 340 pump, all braided lines
    -high output altenator
    -zex blackout wet kit 150shot
    -9 inch posi with 35 spline axles
    -race weight driveshaft with loop
    -car has not been started yet since rebuild because i got deployed midway through it

    to be installed:
    pending 90mm LMAF
    twEECer R/T
    dyno tune with multiple tunes
  7. Even though that 90MM is huge it's very limited. I think it's only rated to 450-475 HP. Anderson Ford Motorsport has the adapter for under $40. I'd sell it and find a Pro-M 80MM. It outflows the 90MM by a long shot and doesn't require an extra adapter. I used the 80MM on my Vortech S-Trim with 42's than a 347 Stroker with 30's. An awesome meter.
  8. I think the 90mm LMAF works well if your engine runs within it's air flow measurement range. If you're pulling stock air flow rates, then it's over-kill. If you're running a high rev stroker with a big cam or forced induction that moves a LOT of air, then it doesn't make sense since you'll peg it.

    The JLT cold air system can be adapted very easily to the 90mm LMAF or SCT meter since their tubes are crazy big to begin with. I talked to their sales person last year and she said that they can put together a kit with the right parts, or sell you the parts needed to adapt an LMAF to an existing JLT system. The standard kit came with an elbow that adapts the stock 70mm meter to their giant intake pipe (I think it's something like 5" in diameter) and the 70mm MAF to conical filter adapter, so those three parts will have to be upsized to handle the 90mm MAF.

    The down side here is that they stopped making the SN95 5.0 cold air system last year. Some of the JLT distributors might still have a couple of them left in stock if you want to go that route.
  9. Do aftermarket MAF sensors fit inside the stock intake tubing? like the ones from Pro-M? im guessing flanged is the same as stock?
  10. My car likes the 90mm SCT. Its calibrated to the injectors via. the chip.

    Whats nice about the SCT and some other models is the extra 2 pins are for the built in IAT sensor. When i installed mine i bought a 6 wire pigtail and soldered the MAF and IAT wires for a much cleaner look. I made a thread about it some time ago on here where it was confirmed by the guru's from eectuning.org. The IAT has no polarity BTW

  11. Yes the flanged unit will bolt up like stock.....