90stang5speed Rear Mounted Turbo Project Thread

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  1. Yeah the idea of having the BOV in the car was to keep debris out of it but, after the low boost blast I got from it, I realize that it was a bad idea. The new plan is to route the intake plumbing to the fender well like the stock air filter box. I will put the BOV out there & find a way to route the rest of the plumbing back to the turbo.
  2. today I pulled the intake to replace the intake gaskets. I learned a few things in the process. For starters, the summit version of the edelbrock victor doesn't line up with the ports on the AFR heads real well. I should have learned years ago that, "you get what ya pay for". I also found that I had a vacuum leak at the #1 port where the intake meets the head. The intake bolts were all torqued to spec the first time around but, most all the bolts were loose when I went to remove the intake. I guess I will need to check the torque on them regularly until they no longer back themselves out. Once the intake was back on, the boost controller now reads 13 in/hg instead of 11 and idles at mid 13's on the wide band instead of high 14's so retuning will be in the works to lean out the afr at idle. Im thinking about getting the real Edelbrock intake in the future so that also has me rethinking my plans for which Dart block to buy in the future too. I would have to buy an intake if I go with a 351 based engine so maybe a 427 instead of the 363 I was planing.
  3. I just finished installing the Edelbrock Super Victor EFI manifold tonight. My last post about redoing the intake gaskets also ended in failure. While it held together long enough make a trip around the block and back, once we moved to the new house, the drive across town proved to be the extent of that repair. Not only did the oil leak at the rear of the manifold return but, I also had a coolant leak in the front. After putting in 51 hours of overtime, I decided to make the road trip to summit to pick up the new manifold. All that’s left to do tomorrow is to set the timing & top of the coolant. After that, the car & the build thread will go back into hibernation for the winter.
  4. This thread frightens me
  5. Also, why did you do rear mount? Rear mount turbos systems suck monkey balls.

    This **** is local and claimed his car was going to rape vettes when it was done. :rolleyes:
    I'll let the video speak for itself
    Vinces Twin Turbo Mustang - YouTube
    420hp monster right?
  6. It's been frightening the entire internet forum community for months now.
  7. I didnt think the turbo in the cab was a huge deal, but now that ive seen pictures of gernaded turbos over on the bullet, and the kind of destruction they can cause, there is no way i would have that sitting behind me under any circumstance. A couple guys on that site were lucky to walk away uninjured, and these are people wearing the best saftey equipment money can buy with onboard fire systems, with safety crews 1/4 mile away. You do not have any of these things working in your favor.
  8. There's no point in reasoning with the guy any more. Ten different engineers and an equal amount of hardcore racers who've been around the block and back 20 times have all told him it's not safe. He doesn't care. The quality of the worksmanship in the pictures is enough... Not to be a dick or anything, but seriously.
  9. Well, “not to be a dick but,” I see threads on the forum pretty regularly that I might not agree with the idea of. The difference is, if I don’t like it, I know how to keep my mouth shut and move on. This is supposed to be a PROGRESS thread, not a ***** talking contest. If you can’t contribute anything useful, move on. Half the pages in this thread have been wasted by people bashing me or my ideas. It’s my car. It is built for me, by me. I’m not a pro welder, fabricator, painter, body man, tuner, engineer or even car mechanic. The car is years away from being finished or even race ready but, when it is done, the time slips will speak for themselves.
  10. whats the difference between a rear mounted and an engine mounted turbo??
  11. I apologize for the comment about the quality of your work, as not all of us are professionals, and we all do what we can to enjoy the hobby. I stand by pretty much everything else I've said in this thread though. You're right, it is your car, and as such you have the right to do whatever you please with it. However, it's morally irresponsible for you to take any passengers in it. If you want to roll the dice with your own life, that's one thing. But a friend, child, wife, girlfriend, parent, sibling, what have you should never be strapped to a hand grenade. Just my opinion, carry on.
  12. Ive said nothing about your quality of work but i think its a good idea for you to research what happens when a turbo blows up. Im not trying to discourage you, but even if its a 5% chance that the turbo grenades, thats more than id be willing to chance. If you see the pictures of how the turbos tear cars up and still feel ok about having the turbo right behind your back than that is your decision.
  13. foxbodymike87,
    some of the differences with rear mount turbos are, A/R ratios are smaller on the exhaust side because a lot of the heat in the exhaust is lost before it reaches the turbo and turbos work off of exhaust pressure. Heat increases pressure so front mounts can have larger A/R. also because the turbo is mounted lower; you need a pump to push the oil back to the engine instead of gravity feeding back in. That might all sound like a disadvantage but, the advantages are, I will be taking in ambient temp air instead of 130+ degree engine bay air. The exhaust side won’t see the higher temps of an under hood turbo so that reduce heat soak to the compressor side helping to keep the air charge temps lower. The heat cycles won’t be as much of an extreme change from cold to hot compared to that of a front mount so that should be a little easier on the turbine wheel. I will also be relocating more weight to the rear which will help with traction at the line. I don’t need an inner cooler which drops more weight from the front. The theory is, I should make more HP at the same boost pressure as a front mount. The cooler air charge along with the meth injection will allow me to run more timing with a leaner AFR and making more power. STS designs their turbos to be at full spool by 3000 RPM. I should be launching higher than that and with the 2 step engaged I can build a small amount of boost at the line so turbo lag will not be much of an issue either. I can’t personally back that up with time slips or data logs yet but, check out STS website some time as they can explain this stuff better than I can.
    Thanks for the apology & I respect your opinion about keeping others out of the car for their safety.
    Currently I’m more afraid of my cheap parts house clutch or the 4cyl T5 exploding before the turbo will. Those will be upgraded before any track time happens though.
  14. Yes, the only thing the time slips will say is "should have built it like a normal turbo car"

    I dont think you're in the right place, if you dont want people commenting on your **** then dont post anything. People get this illusion that you're supposed to be nice in life, well i'm honest, and if i come across as a dick then good, means i gave you the no bull**** answer. I'm all for building your car your way and never tell anyone to do other wise, i also say be ready to get **** from everyone for it. Your car is unsafe, period.
    10' of hot side
    you dont have to be a pro to do safe work.