93 cobra production info.


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1993 Cobra Production

Exterior Color NumberProduced
107 R models in RED ONLY

Total 4993

Looking back at the early Shelby, Boss, and Mach1 Mustangs we know now what made them desirable. They had low production numbers,

The first year SVT Cobra's were only offered in red, black, and teal.
special factory options and power enhancements, and were visually different than the standard Mustangs.

The '93 Cobra meets all the criteria. Less than five-thousand '93 Cobras were produced by Ford. They were offered with a modified 5.0L motor, unique to the Cobra. Visually the Cobra had styling effects inspired by the 87-93 GT Mustang, but with enough differences to call it distinctively unique.

Beyond all the standard criteria used for marking a cars collectibility, the 1993 Cobra offers something more appealing. It was the first time in a long time that there was a true, performance oriented, "special" Mustang offered by Ford. The 1969-70 Shelby Mustangs marked the beginning of a period of decline for the Mustang. The oil embargo and other factors resulted in variations of Mustangs that lacked the muscle and mystique associated with the name. So in 1992 when Ford's SVT group announced production on a new Cobra, it was seen as a significant commitment for bringing the Mustang back as Americas most desirable muscle car.

The Cobra features unique front and rear bumper fascia, as well as a Cobra specific decklid airfoil. The tail light covers are also distinctively Cobra, rather than the 'cheese grater' covers found on the GT Mustang. Special Cobra badging, the 17' Cobra wheels, and a slightly lower stance made the Cobra easily identifiable.

Factory Mods
All '93 Cobras came with a modified 5.0L High Output engine. The Cobra motor was fitted better flowing GT40 iron cylinder heads, 1.7:1 roller rockers, a unique Cobra upper manifold and GT40 lower manifold. The better flowing intake tract was supported with a larger 65mm throttle body and mass air meter calibrated for 24lb/hr fuel injectors. A special camshaft was designed for the Cobra motor. All told the Cobra 5.0L motor was rated at 235 HP/280 ft.lb. Torque, 30 more horsepower than the standard Mustang 5.0L engine that year.

To handle the increased power Ford modified the five speed Borg Warner T5 transmission. Internal bearings were revised and phosphate coated gears helped increase the torque rating of the transmission. There was no automatic transmission option for the '93 Cobra. Ford SVT also increased the differential ratio to 3.08:1 over the stock 2.80:1.

Ford utilized the four-lug rear axle assembly from the Thunderbird to give the Cobra large four-wheel vented disc brakes a first for any V8 Mustang. The 93 Cobra also came with larger 17 x 7.5' wheels and low-profile ZR rated Goodyear Eagle tires, enabling an advertised top speed of 140 mph. Valving changes in the struts and shocks, stiffer bushings and a smaller front sway bar, all result in a suspension tuned specifically to the Cobra. Unlike the GT and LX Mustangs, the Cobra is designed to offer a near neutral handling balance, and maximum contact patch between the tires and road at all times.
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What is wrong with you guys? It's a part of Mustang history that most people probably have no idea about and is worth taking a look at.


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What is wrong with you guys? It's a part of Mustang history that most people probably have no idea about and is worth taking a look at.

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