93 LX Project Ideas/Thoughts

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  1. Hello Forum, Yeah i am the new guy. I am a seasoned V8 pushrod guy but now I find my self owning a 2.3 auto pony. I don't want to another swap so I figured i would use my noodle for more that a hat rack. I have a 93 auto lx hatch that I picked up for $1,500 with just about NOTHING wrong with it. i actually bought it and drove 2 hrs home without issues. I was wondering what you guys would you advise me on my plan. I am planning to do typical mods, exhaust, intake, fuel, and suspension. I mostly want this car to be pretty and handle well. I don't want 1,000 hp or to do a sub 8 sec 1/4mile. I am shooting for a well tuned, good sounding 250 hp car. i was thinking of a low boost turbo set-up (8-10 lbs) with an A4LD shift kit and a Very good suspension. Ideas? Thought?
    Thanks to all of you fellow pony lovers!!
  2. Dump the auto and get a T5. Far better in terms of reliability and performance.

    For handling, how much do you want to spend? If money is no object, just bolt on a full MM K-member/Control arm/Caster camber plate and rear panhard bar and torque arm. They sell their maximum grip box as a kit.

    If you are on a budget like everyone else, then start with some subframe connectors, upgrade to the 94-95 SN95 control arms, spindles, and front brakes. Convert the rear to 5-lug and get some decent wheels and tires. Replace the factory shocks with a decent brand (bilstein, Koni, etc.) and get some lowering springs to drop the ride height about 1-1.5 inches. That will get you started, at least.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Post some pics of your pony for us all if you get a chance.

    As far as 250 reliable hp, I say go with a 2.3 turbo swap, keep your A4LD if that suits you best, and upgrade brakes and suspension. It will be a very fun car! Then again I'm a little biased. I did that swap this past summer, but ditched my automatic for the T5.
  4. Even with just 8-10lbs of boost on a 2.3L built for n/a with an auto trans, you're running on borrowed time. You should really swap out for a motor built to withstand the boost.
    If you really don't want to do the swap, performance mods are limited. Build your own cold air kit or modify one made for another engine, port the head (which I doubt you'll want to do if you aren't interested in an engine swap), long tube headers are available but you'll need to have a mid-pipe made before connecting your choice of muffler & tailpipe.
    If you go the turbo route, check out turboford.org also, there is a lot of knowledge over there!
    Post some pics!