94 5.0 5 Speed Swap

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  1. ok guys im new to the site, i have a 94 gt auto and i also have a 99 3.8 flywheel, clutch, tranny, the whole shebang pretty much. what do i need to do to make this work, kinda need it fast cause my slipomatic is about to take a giant dook
  2. any and all help will be highly appreciated my brain is about to melt on this whole ordeal. ive been reading for like 3 days straight to find a solution
  3. You're probably not finding much because this is going to be a pretty big challenge. I don't think the flywheel will work, the 3.8 T5 bell was different from that used on the 5.0 (starter in a different location), the transmission is probably different dimensionally in the '99 (input shaft at least), so overall length might require a modified driveshaft.

    If you had a 5.0 flywheel, clutch, bell, and input shaft to swap over it would probably bolt right up.

    I found this thread where someone claims success (with a '94 v6 trans & bell which may have a different input-shaft length than yours) which requires some flywheel customization and some tweaks to the v6 starter.


    imho, you'd be better of selling what you have (a T5's worth a small fortune) and picking up a replacement AODE with a nice shift-kit installed. You would probably still come out ahead in that transaction and save yourself some stress.

    If you're trying to do a manual swap then you're probably better off picking up the full conversion package -- they show up on eBay every once in a while or a donor car works too.
  4. that and i think the v6 manuals used a t45 not a t5
  5. No, the mustang v6 uses the t5.
  6. oops my bad thought it did
  7. actually the V6 bell housing would work nicely, the starter is in the same location as the larger V8 bell housing. the V6 flywheel wont work on the V8 as the balance factors are different. the V6 used the T5.

    add to that though the need for adding a clutch pedal, and linkage, etc. and i think you will find that it is cheaper and easier to rebuild the AOD in the car.
  8. Iirc, the v6 bell moves the starter out farther, to accommodate the larger v6 flywheel.
  9. Also, the last AODE I had rebuilt was $1000.
    That was years ago.

    The auto to manual conversion was the best mod I ever made.
  10. According to my reading;

    The 99 t5 input shaft length is the same as the 94-95gt, as are the gear ratios.

    The difference is the tailshaft housing and the speed sensor is magnetic, as opposed to the 94-98 t5 gear driven vss.
    That can be corrected with a speedcal and pre 99 t5 (v6 or gt) tailshaft housing.

    A modified driveshaft is not necessary.

    A donor car is by far the easiest way to do the conversion, but with proper research and a local u pull, you can get everything needed for a few hundred. (Hell, I have a tailshaft housing and gt t5 harness sitting in my garage!)
    Less if its a sale day.
  11. that is true, the V6 and the AOD equipped V8s use the 164 tooth flywheel, but that isnt the issue, the balance factor is the issue, the V8 uses a 50oz balance factor, i forget what the V6 uses off hand, but it is different.