94-95 Mustang GT parts... parting two cars...OHIO

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by jeepman1, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Still looking?
  2. Brake/Suspension parts

    Wondering if you have both front spindles, hubs, calipers, and caliper mounting brackets. I want to upgrade my '87. Also looking for a 8.8" rear assembly with disc setup.
  3. I have a complete 8.8, 300.00 with all 5 lug brakes attached, I sold all the fronts I had, I should have another car this week if all goes well that will have fronts, 200.00 for complete fronts..
  4. I'll take the 8.8. Please let me know when you get the next car in so I can have everything shipped at once. Also, what ZIP would the parts be shipping from so I can estimate shipping costs?
  5. I usually do P/u Only, if I ship, it would be from 44135
  6. Still have a center console available?
  7. what hood do u have that is not wrecked? and what kind of seats are in the mustangs (corbeau style)? i will be in ohio soon and if you have what i need i will possibly pick up items
  8. Console is sold...

    Seats are kinda beat up...
  9. Do you have a black radio bezel ?
  10. Oops, guess I should have put that I need the Bezel to fit my 94 mustang cobra
  11. None right now, but I may have another car coming..
  12. part out

    do you have the air bags from these cars if so what color and how much
  13. No, all of them are sold, sorry
  14. I need a set of door panels, something that I can hack up for my Dash Swapped 93. color does not matter. I am in Findlay, OH, 40min south of toledo.
  15. I need a complete set of dash vents if you have them let me know. Thank you.
  16. I need just the passanger dash vent.
  17. do you have a bell housing for a 5.0 to a t5?

    and also two right font fenders?
  18. Do you have an AC hose for the low end? Could use a power seat track for the drivers side too if you have one. I need these for a 97 GT. If you have them, how much shipped to 78108? Thanks!
  19. I will look, I have a power track, one pc on it is cracked and can be welded, I would sell it for 40.00 if u want it...I will look for A/C line
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