94 GT Parting Out 331 Stroker, D1SC, T56

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  1. PARTING OUT – 94’ 331 Procharged GT, 6spd, drag radials. Car made over 600hp at 9psi. It’s been a great car. I had an unfortunate event where the intake gasket blew out into the valley area, while replacing that and the front and rear main seal it was apparent that the clutch cable was adjusted to tight after the trans was installed (swapped from AODE to T56), and the last 3k miles it wore out the main thrust bearing. The crank is junk. It’s a 4340 forged crank from Scat. They have my order number and a new crank can be bought and they may be able to balance it for you to drop it right in without taking the heads off. The crank is $550 for the 4340 or $195 for the cast. I honestly have lost interest and would like to move on to a vette, with a busy schedule and do not have time to keep this beast on its toes. The engine ran perfect, smooth and I didn’t even know I had an issue until I went to pull the balancer off to replace my front seal and noticed the crank walked too much. It has some great parts.

    Fluidyne Radiator & Fan 7k miles $250.00

    Distributor, MSD Cap & Rotor & Ford Racing Wires $50.00

    Procharger D1SC with brackets, new belt tens, Piping, IC and power pipe Intake 5k miles (started with P1SC) $3,000.00 $2700obo
    60lb Injectors 7kmiles $250.00

    BBK Fuel Rails and FPR 5(k miles $175.00

    SCT 2800 MAF with Adapter and connector 7kmiles $200.00

    Tweecer Chip with 4 pos switch and tune 7kmiles $300.00

    T56 Ford Racing 6 Speed, 10 spline, and Bezel with forged shifter 3k miles (used to be AODE) $2,000.00

    Shortened Steel Driveshaft 3k miles $175.00

    Rolling Chassis, with Cobra R fiberglass hood & urethane bumper, tubular rear control arms, lowered, 3:73 gears, stock 16s 120k miles repowered with 331 at 113k miles $1,900.00 (pending)
    Alternator (polished front housing) 7kmiles $125.00

    Engine - 331 Scat stroker, H beam Rods, 2618 prob forged pistons, total seal rings, AFR 185cc heads w .650 upgraded springs, titanium retainers, scorpion 1.6 RR, canton 7Qt oil pan, flowtech induction custom cam, hardened chromoly pushrods double roller ford racing timing chain, stock block clearanced to fit, Clevite H series bearings, balanced, ARP hardware,cometic HG, professional products SFI damper. 28oz external balance 7k miles $3,500.00, $3000obo
    Mac Long Tube Headers with 3" collectors Ceramic (peeling a little) 7k miles $250.00 (pending)
    Mac Mufflers w/ dumps Black 7k miles $125.00 (pending)
    Mac 3" Prochamber with dumps and mufflers 3" Black 7k miles $150.00 (pending)
    Trick Flow upper/Lower intake with SN95 BBK TB 7k miles $300.00 (Sold)
    Flywheel - think its ford racing billet, cant remember, 28oz bal 3k miles $75.00

    17 x 9 " wheels front, 17 x 10.5" rear, tires are like new. Nitto 555R in rear 7k miles on front tires, 1500miles on rear $750.00 (pending)
    Powermaster high torque starter (mastertorque) 3k miles $150.00

    See Album & PICS at http://s409.photobucket.com/albums/pp178/turbosl2/?start=all
    I live in the capital region of NY, 12019 zip code. Please feel free to email me at [email protected], if your serious and have questions I will give you my cell.
  2. updated prices and sales
  3. roller sold
  4. any throttle body?
  7. Are you willing to sell the heads?
  8. No, i have the engine all fixed. Blueprinted and setup for someone to buy.
  9. Are you willing to sell the crank and water pump pulleys? If so I am interested in the stock pulleys, no underdrives please let me know price and availability. Thanks Scott
  10. I'll take the distributor, cap and wires 64801
  11. Dizzy cap and wires still available?
  12. what kind of wheels are they?
  13. Still have mac prochamber and mufflers
  14. Please see the email I sent you with phone no. Attached.
  15. So the 3000.00 engine price is that for it fixed?
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