94- up post your pics of whos is the baddest...doesnt have to be yours.....

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  1. That Fox and Boss are both nice, but the title was for 94 and up stangs.

    As far as "Show or Go". I started the Show first. Then, My car looked :nice:, but I god picked on a lot with just gears and exhaust. Then I started the GO, with the Vortech, PI Stallion, etc. It could use some more in the way of heads/rockers, but For now, Im spending some more $$ on the "show" because I think more people look at and admire the car than do race it. I think 350+ RWHP and nice polished out engine bay is a good mix.!
  2. i totally agree 100%

    i'm pretty much done the "show" on my car. now its time for the "go". :D
  3. :stupid:
  4. hello..........anybody else wanna brag call out or post something???????
  5. hey what year is that red boss? and thatstangguy has a sick sonic blue fox, i have tha pics on my computer but dont know how to post them?
  6. Here's my baby, i am in the process of selling this car to save up for the new body style when it comes out

  7. bump???

  8. bumping a 2yr old thread? i agree, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i started it 2 years ago and i thought that since there was a lot of new stuff being done to everyones cars that they might want to update or post some new pics so that is wtf!
  10. here you go, this is a bad m-o-t-h-e-r f-u-c-k-e-r right here.



  11. is that supposed to be a joke?,,,,lol
  12. here's my hoopty
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  16. www.oghabib.com

    Try taking on that Cobra - not the fastest, but will TAKE ALL OF YOUR AWARDS AWAY FOR BEST IN SHOW. And his website is mad outdated.

    Best looking Cobra of all time IMHO for the SN95 gen'.

    Of course, I am biased towards Triple Black's! :)
  17. I know of a certain guy from New Hampshire on here that I'd be willing to be money on if it came down to a contest on which would win best of show he'd be coming home the victor. That triple black 'vert is SWEET though too.