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  1. I own a 96 gt cobra replica it has a 4.6 a hit 15.97 at the quarter manual trans.. Bone stock now i wanna ask u guys if anyone knows how i can get it to 13s
  2. Mods on my old 96 GT:

    PI intake, Comp 262H cams, 410 gears, aluminum driveshaft, Mac Prochamber midpipe, dyno tune.

    Best time was [email protected] Drag radials on runs.
  3. You can get that car into the 12's.
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  4. I heard that with a plenum, gears, tune, intake, and a stall converter plus headers would get me there on radials with good launch its a standard
  5. How much $$ do u think ?
  6. I had the mods you speak of without headers, best I could do was 14.7 at 93. Long tubes might get you another 30-40 HP. No stall on a manual transmission. That is for autos.

    I did most all of the work myself except gears. I bought used cams and used some transition plates for the PI intake. With a better 60 foot I could have probably gotten to 13.5 but I quit going to the track. Total of all work was about $2k. If a shop does it all you are looking at twice to three times that. Better off buying a 99+ car.

    If I remember correctly...Gears were my 1st mod. Dyno'd at 174 HP. After intake swap and cams I was at 213HP and tune got me to 238HP. The biggest improvement came from gears, cams and intake swap.
  7. U think i can get there without cams its my daily and gas would eat me alive
  8. Was thinking the same thing you are when I bought mine back in 06. It was my only car and I needed the gas mileage to be bearable. If you DD the car, save your cash, when you get the money, time and/or another vehicle, get a blower or do a full PI swap with cams and LT headers. If mpg is a necessity, I wouldn't recommend doing anything extensive. HCI or blowers will negatively effect your gas mileage substantially.

    For the time being do things that won't absolutely kill your gas mileage. Maybe 3.73 gears and an offroad pipe.
  9. I had a mild cam on my car. Didn't affect the gas mileage at all. Heck I have 278's in my car now and get 21 mpg on the hwy
  10. Thnks for all the advice

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  11. Ehhh man how quick is ur !!!
  12. My car now I've never taken to the track. I've heard it went 12.5 with the previous owner.