Electrical 96 Ho F150

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  1. Ok here we go

    I got a 96 f150 that was origionally a i6 with an e4od. Bought a complete 95 gt motor with 30k on it for 300$. Truck was obd 2 so I got aharness and computer from a 96 v8 e40d truck. Got the motor in wired it upbest I could. There are connectors on the harness that I dont have anything to plug into. Egr is not plugedin. All vaccum is hooked up or pluged. Had to cut off smog pump be,ause it wouldnt fit. Bought a bbk 2.5" downpipes and xpipe, hadto hack it up and splice in flex pipe for it to work. No cats or mufflers, running out infront of pass rear tire. O2's arnt hooked up just plugged. I know some things are wrong but it has no power at all down low. Runs ok on the highway but has no ass when u want it to downshift.
    Any help would be greatly appritiated
  2. No bites?
  3. Start by installing O2 sensors and get them wired in properly. Once complete, pull codes and work from there.

    The EEC has no frame of reference without a Mass Air sensor, O2 sensors, and MAP. Without at least those, the EEC will revert to limp mode and run like crap.

    Someone help me out here if there's a sensor I failed to mention above.

    AIT and water temp sensors are necessary in order for the EEC to go into closed loop. Without that ability, your EEC will never use its adaptive strategy.

    EGR can remain deleted. It will still throw a code but it doesn't stop the EEC from functioning properly. All your sensors though, should all be hooked up and functioning if you expect the EEC to do its job.
  4. Well thats my problem tho. I got 4 sensors with nowhere for them to plug into. I need to buy o2 sensors from the junkyard and extend the wires back from the motor
  5. Can some give me a picture or show me what the ait is? Im not sure if its hooked up or not

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    If you don't have the OEM air-box, you can put it pretty much anywhere in the inlet tract.

    This may help:

  7. I have the oem truck box and I think its wored up the that. My intake is 3" pvc ran to the other side if the bay. Im a plumber...lol
  8. Hooked up o2 sensors, it helpeD alittle but its still having the same problem. Ihave no power in the low rpms and it chugs when u stomp on it till it gets in the higher rpms. Cant even spin the tires. Still getting o2 sensor codes. Andlow tps sensor. And crank sensor. Only codes im gettin
  9. No one has any insight on this?
  10. What exact codes are you getting?

    Where is the timing set?
  11. Both o2s, low tps, and crank sensor. Basically it just dosnt have the power it should. It studders at,low rpms and has no ass. I wish therewas a better way to explainit but thats it. It runs good at top end but not like it should I kno that.
    I havnt checked the timing but I dont beleve its been messed with
  12. Your engine is computer controlled: the EEC is programmed to run based on data it receives from the sensors. Therefore, you need properly functioning sensors in order for the EEC to receive and process accurate data and run optimally. I noticed in an above post you wrote you were going to get some O2 sensors from the junkyard. Bite the bullet and go buy some NEW sensors. Or, convert the engine over to a carburetor setup and then you won't have to worry if the sensors are working or not.
  13. I did buy onew o2 sensors andim still getting o2 codes. Somthing is draini.g my battery when the truck is off so iv been disconecting it everytime. Could that have anything to do with the ecu?
  14. So you are using a computer from a '96 truck on a '95 GT engine?
  15. I was thinking that the 96 F150 had the 4.6, but they could still be had with the 5.0. BUT, didn't they have four O2 sensors?
  16. Yes 96 did have a 5.0. Im using the truck harness aswell. It did have 4 o2 sensors but the harness for the o2s coming off the bottom of ghe motor is mustang and I only have conections for 2
  17. Your computer is going to be looking for 4 O2 sensors. What are the actual codes you are reading?
  18. I think you might be trying to mix an EEC-V harness/ECU with an EEC-IV 5.0l HO motor. They have completely different ignition systems and the EEC-V version runs a sensor in place of the distributor with a coil-pack setup. You may be running off of fixed spark timing, which would explain the lack of torque/power from the engine.

    This is just my guess. I know the 5.0l in the Explorer used the EEC-V system, but not sure obout the F150.
  19. I know for a fact the 5.0,in the f10 in 96 was a dizzy. I dont know whats goin on but i really need to figure it out