97 Mustang V6 Rattling

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  1. Hey everyone this is my first post and I have a problem with my mustang. When I ever i hit bumps in the road I hear a rattling noise it seems to be coming from my front passenger side wheel well. Anything you can do to help me figure it out is greatly appreciated. I will post a video of the sound if it will be helpful. Thanks
  2. LOL it was killing me too ! at the end f the sway bar on each end is a rod w/ bushings top and bottom. soon as i tightened - poof gone.. tighten each side, top and bottom..
    also on the k frame there's 2 bolts to ck if that doesn't do, but it will. if not post to me i'll detail those 2..good luck
  3. Thanks I'll give it a try
  4. don't go overboard on it ya need the flex tho..ck swat bar bushings too. sometimes you can hesr when off and open hood, press downn body weight and ck movement. mine clunked the first time. the forum reccomended the 2 k frame bolts called it a popping sound.. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/popping-noise-from-front-of-car.504003/#post-8716672 and re: hub too http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-for...-from-front-of-car.504003/page-2#post-8716685 ... these should fix it for you..advance auto has the rubber bushings sway bar is like44, got the bar link ones too if yours looks bad and breaks down when rubbed, replace for sure
  5. curious if you are cured there.. ???
  6. I finally got around to tightening things down they were already really tight so there's still a noise it seems to be getting louder I'm thinking maybe my exhaust us loose but its hard to get under the car to check the only time it doesn't make noise is on perfectly flat getting
  7. so i figured it out it was that i had no brake anti rattle clips