99-04 2v stock dyno numbers ?

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  1. im sorry to post this because i know there's a sticky on it, but just wanna persue a more definite answer :hide:

    most of the graphs in the sticky are done on a dynojet or equilivent. theres also a ton of vids on youtube of PI 2v cars putting down numbers anywhere from 220-245 (or more) with near stock cars. when i say near stock, exhaust, pullies, tuner, cai, intake.

    what would a stone cold bone stock 99-04 GT 5 speed put down on a MUSTANG dyno? does anyone have any graphs and such to show the numbers?

    what would a 99-04 GT 5 speed put down with these bolt-ons - full exhaust ( no headers ), pullies, store-bought tuner (diablo) and cai on a MUSTANG dyno?

    thanks in advance for any info :nice:
  2. with the mods u listed, exhaust and tuner and pullies and cai my 99 mustang gt put down 250rwhp and 288 rwtq
  3. mustang dyno?

    sweet looking car btw :nice:
  4. 250/288 is pretty rare for bolts ons like that. Bare stock is around 230-235rwhp on a dynojet, mustang dyno you can expect 5-10% less so between 207/212 and 219/223. It depends a lot on what the dyno operator put in for your specs
  5. how much torque does a stock 5sp pi put down? i never heard that asked before....
  6. Idk what u mean by mustang dyno? it was on a dynojet thats all i know, only done it once so im not really familiar with it
  7. I put down 258/314 with my mods in sig.

    Mustang dyno.

    Mustang dyno is just a different type of dyno. Dynojet is probaly more common and more realistic with the numbers.
  8. nice numbers burnin rubber

  9. Thanks...:nice:

    I'm not convinced that the tourqe isn't a little high though. I can see 258 rwhp easy, but alot of cammed guys aren't even putting down 314.

    Maybe it is a freak..:shrug:
  10. cams don't help much with torque, but yeah that does seem high. Mustang dyno's are finicky for the info put in. One guy told me he dyno'd at two different times at the same place reletively same weather and there was a difference of 18rwhp/22rwtq on a NA car.
  11. Yes mustang dynos can vary GREATLY in dyno #s based on the weight entered, as well as even how aerodynamic the car is. NEVER look at mustang dyno #s to compare them to anyone elses #s....use dynojet #s as they are much more consistent.

    Mustang dynos are great for one thing....and thats loading down the car to near real world driving conditions. That means they are GREAT for dyno tuning purposes....so after you get the car tuned on a mustang dyno, go find a dyno jet to collect your #s.
  12. Yeah I wasn't relying too much on the tourqe numbers, but the HP numbers seem fine.

    I know for a fact the given weight of the car was less than it actually weighs.

    But, the good thing is that in about 20mins. I gained 6.9 rwhp and 13lb. ft. of tourqe by messing with my Diablosport. THAT felt good! I paid $175 for it used, used it to calibrate my 4.10's, and gained some power with it...:hail2:
  13. maybe i have a misconception of a dynojet. the guys in the 94/95 forum deed that as a "feel good" dyno. if you have 300bhp car, then the rear wheel numbers will always be higher on a dynojet compared to a mustang dyno. i guess i just have the idea of a mustang dyno giving "real" numbers :shrug:

    like posted above, its all a calibration thing i guess. i was thumbing thru a older issue of 5.0 and they done a bolt on 99-04 5 speed car. if i remember right, the baseline hp was 213. i believe they were using a mustang dyno. i'll double check that when i get home.

    whats the drivetrain loss % they claim by the time the power gets to the rear wheels thru a manual trans?
  14. Mustang dyno's blow. They are all dependent on the dyno operator.
  15. 15%. Reason why the dynojet gives higher numbers is based on how it's designed to rear power numbers - not because they want it to read higher. But due to this design it's also more consistent across different cars/weights ect. No way you can compare two different mustangs' output on two different mustang dyno's. Dynojets you can to a closer degree
  16. bone stock mine dynoed at 225 most n/a guys find it tough to get 400HP with stroking ,boreing,camming ...the list goes on
  17. all my numbers came from the same dyno jet each time
  18. Old post, I know, but I stumbled on it while trying to look up the RWHP specifications for a stock 2004 Mustang GT. I've mildly modified mine, mostly as a result of replacing worn out parts. Original cats went the way of the do-do a while ago, so I decided to start there. Went with BBK longtube headers, catted shorty x-pipe (also by BBK originally), Magnaflow Magnapacks cat-back, SCT Livewire tune and Bama custom tune, BBK CAI and, recently added, a new 78mm BBK throttle intake. I'd been suffering what I believe to be a rich condition for a while, which was why the original cats, and two subsequent sets, went south on me. And I had a vacuum leak that was in the throttle body itself, or I'm pretty sure it was, so this year, I tightened things up, had a new x-pipe made from scratch this time using Vibrant 540 CFM, high flow, metal core cats where I had had ceramic cats before. But I am still suffering from the rich condition so I brought it to the closest chassis dyno that I could find, which (luckily for me) was here in in my home town of Bangor. As it turns out, the car is within factory specs at 11.8 to 1 A/F ratio (measured directly from the tailpipes), but for the mods I've made, that's too rich. Ford errs on the side of caution anyway, so it's rich to start with by at least a little bit.

    Anyway, yeah, I've heard of a Mustang dyno...in fact, that's what they have. Think it's made by Powerdyne since that was the sign they had hanging over the wall. But it clearly says, "Powerdyne Mustang Dyno". Now I don't know if that means it's made FOR Mustangs (which I doubt) or just the model name of the dyno. Either way, it works. So before final tune, which I sent all of the data log information that I gathered today back to Bama to make adjustments with, my numbers weren't too shabby, since I see above that you can count on 5% less on the Mustang Dyno over the Dynojet. But either way, respectable numbers all the same...

    RWHP: 243
    Torque: 245

    Torque is low, I know, but that could also be attributable to the fact that I have the original gearing in the car...and I like it that way. Always nice to be able to cruise at 74 mph and have the tach at just under 2000 RPMs. :)
  19. My 2001 PI GT Motor dyno'd 255/299 with CAI. O/R Xpipe with Bassani Catback and some MSD Coils, FRPP Wires and a Diablo Predator Can Tune.

  20. back from the grave !

    cliff - those numbers aren't bad but as you mentioned, i would be curious to see if things changed with a gear swap on the torque end. . . . not sure. how does the car feel with those mods?

    0, and welcome to stangnet :)

    handz - i like the graph. nice numbers. i'm still running a diablo can tune.