"99+" Chin spoiler DOES fit 94-98

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ChrisXoxide, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Well, we were curious how the 99+ CDC chin spoiler would fit on a 98 or earlier, so we attached one to a 97 GT and we were very pleased with the results. Even though the spoiler isn't made specifically for the year, it matches up perfect at the front, and fits along the sides as well. You would have know that the spoiler was not made to fit that year by looking at it.

    I'll add pictures to this thread hopefully later today. This is good news because CDC mach 1 chin spoilers for 99+ are very inexpensive compared to the CDC 96-98 ones (about three times cheaper).
  2. cool! it's nice to see that there's people who aren't afraid to do some custom fitting of parts
  3. Yep, we did it to my car. It turned out really nicely and it looks great. I'll get pics up sometime soon. My car is covered in snow and ice now.
  4. Very interesting to here. Good work. :nice: Now post up some pics!!!
  5. I wouldn't trust ABC Exclusive products. Lots of bad reports.

    We will get pics up as soon as the snow stops. :nice:
  6. Good to hear. I posted this question last week and I am really excited to hear that it will fit. Much easier to justify this purchase now instead of spending so much on the Boss spoiler or any other one out ther that costs over $150.oo.
  7. Where did you ever hear bad things about ABC Exclusives?? I've seen several people that were very happy with their products and have always felt that they were a good company.

    I've heard bad things about Cincinnati Composites and companies like that, but never ABC. :shrug:
  8. I just ordered mine ... I will post pics this weekend if it gets here that fast. Can't wait!!!! I think it will go with my color scheme pretty well....

  9. Oh yeah. Got those two companies confused. I guess its cause their adds look the same in the mags.

    Hopefully I'll get the pics up tomorrow. Gotta get a hold of a digital camera.
  10. Signing up for pics... bring'em on!
  11. I want pics!!!
  12. At the very latest pics will be up tomorrow. I'm trying to find a digital camera and if I can't find one today, I'll have one by tomorrow I guarentee it.
  13. I want to see pics too :D
  14. I ordered one off ebay this morning.
  15. We got hold of a digital camera but Chris forgot the USB cord. Hopefully he will post the pics up later. My car looks horrible though. It is covered in layers of salt and snow.
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