A Fun Video From A Steeda Racer

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  1. I have a fun video for you guys from James Ray, one of our race customers. Congrats to him for winning his second NASA southeast championship this year!

    This video is a bit long but entertaining. Here is some background right from James on what you will see.

    Our 2011 Race Season ended this past weekend at Road Atlanta. We brought home our 2nd Championship! The last points race was on Saturday. What I am sending you is the Sunday race. We call it the "Toy Race." NASA Southeast asked every Entry (students & racers) to bring a toy or two, or cash & we donate them to a local Children's Charity. The "Toy" Race combines all the race groups together.

    As you will see, it's a little busy. Especially at the beginning! We draw numbers out of a hat for starting position. We drew #47, but swapped it for #106 so we could start at the back. (it gives you the opportunity to pass more cars!) It's a lot of fun & nothing's on the line. My camera went dead with a few laps to go, so you don't get to see the finish. I ended up in 22nd place.

    You'll see me make contact with a red Camaro. That's was no accident! I thought it was Jim Pantas & I wanted to give him a little love-tap! Just a little "thank you" for putting me in the gravel on Saturday!) As it turned out, it was Cody Powell. Sorry Cody! Un-corked Cody was flying out there! I couldn't catch him! Jim knows I'm not mad about Saturday too. It was all in fun.

    Here is the link to the video, enjoy it! http://personalspace.sony.net/emai...5a4a466c5a7075586c70593d,first?rd=94731282#i0