Acetone (A mustang's best friend)

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  1. Close to 30mpg
  2. Eh, better try the math again...

    All the following is assuming the gas gage is 100% accurate:

    15.5 gal tank divided by 8 = 1.9375 gallons per eighth.

    You had 1/8th left after 285 miles, so 7 x 1.9375 = 13.5625 gallons.

    285 miles divided by 13.5625 = 21.01 miles per gallon. You would have over 400 miles on the odo already if you got 30mpg.
  3. 175 miles half tank. 6 gallons to fill from half.
    I have never put more than 14 gallons of gas in the tank from empty.
    On the highway I get 28-30 combined ill get 23.
  4. hey my dad has sworn by this stuff.he uses it in his 97 f250 with a 460 gas he went from 10 to about 15 mpg still not the best but for that its pretty darn good. so i tryed it in my mustang because my dad said it was also like an octane booster. he said about 3-5 points. and it took my mpg from about 17 to 21. so all in all i think it works great
  5. They tested this out on mythbusters and got a decrease in fuel mileage
  6. Mythbusters were correct, I just tried this out, I bought a pint of acetone, and I got no increase in mileage. I think its all in everyones head. best thing to do is keep tabs on your tire's air pressure, check your air filter, keep a good tune up, and avoid unneccesary trips. THAT my friends, saves gas.
  7. Tried it last wk and been using ever since. Hwy driving I saved a qtr tank or 1days worth of gas. Figure I only spent $4 at walmart for the bottle of acetone (plumbing section). Bottle lasted 3wks so far.
  8. Umm... well, not only did you not provide any information that we would need to actually believe you, such as before and after numbers, what conditions this was done under, what octane fuel, what type of driving, etc. .. you also didn't mention the ratio of acetone to fuel you used. If you don't do it right, you won't see a difference, or might actually see a decrease in mileage.
  9. Yeah, It was MythBusters Episode 64 The Exploding Pants & Great Gas Conspiracy. They tyied it on an Olds with a carb & a fuel injected Honda. They mixed up 1 ounce of acetone to 10gallons of gas & put the cars on a dyno until the gas ran out. Both cars got worse gas mileage.
  10. I did 1 ounce to 10 gallons with 93 octane, as everyone does, my 5.0's mods are listed in my sig, I drive 16 miles a day roundtrip to work. It has been about 90 degrees everyday, I wasted more on acetone than I could have bought a half tank of gas.
  11. Back when this first started getting popular in 04 I tired it for 5 months on my daily driving pretty much the same route every day and not on the weekends. Filling up at the same station and the same pump each time then I would let the pump stop it and not top off. I never saw any real benefit from using the acetone. Just my .02 take it for what you want...
  12. 1 oz per 10 gallons??? i dunno what people are starting to talk about it not being true. i put 3 oz in my tank, about 10gal. i saved a 1/4 tank on a 145 mile trip. don't believe what you see on tv. maybe it's in the doseage. did you also see the Myth Busters episode with the ICE BULLET? if you believe them the ice bullet didn't work would you be willing to show me that it doesn't by standing in front of a loaded ice gun???? i still think an ice bullet could kill if done right.