adding sub to mach 460

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  1. I have a mach 1 with a mach 460 and want to add a little bass, just somethign with a really smooth low end ( almost where you can feel it)

    I DO NOT listen to rap AT ALL!

    I do not want a setup to "BUMP"
    Smooth, quality bass. I am willing to spend some money but i really dont want to overdo it when i just want a little bass. but i do want to do thsi right the first time. I am just looking for some of your input on this subject and where do you think is a good place to go. i live in the mckinney/plano tx area.
  2. until I put the rest of my system in I'm running 2 6.5" tube type subs from walmart off an alpine m350 amp... not bad and the subs only cost $15 a piece... smooth bass at low levels but don't crank it up.
  3. oh yeah... and I really, really tried to make a good system with the factory hu... doesn't work... too much noise gets into the speaker level signal inputs for the amps.
  4. i would really rather have somethign i could crank up. I am looking to spend in the 400-500 range
  5. then buy 1 alpineM350 amp (~$170) and 1 10" alpine type r sub with enclosure (~$120) and go to and buy either their 8 gauge kit (~$25)or their 4 gauge kit (~$30)... 4 if you plan on upgrading further... 8 if not. That will give you what you need for something that you can turn up. Keep in mind that since you are NOT using preouts that you're going to have a hard time controlling the bass system and your subs "might" crackle along with your RPMs. This "might" be fixed using a line output converter (~$20) coupled with a line driver (~$70).... might.

    when I'm done with my initial install I will be posting pics... and you can see where I'm coming from... I'll take a few pictures of the current setup where I tried to go through the factory hu... it works... but the alternator whine is just too much.
  6. :nice:
    That's what I'd recommend, too for some extra low end. It won't overpower everything else, and you'll still be able to turn it up pretty loud. If you're not looking to get as loud as possible, I'd run the sub in a .8 or so cu. ft. sealed box.
  7. actually I'd run a .65 box with poly fill... makes for a little bit more trunk space
  8. And this was my order from for a 4 amp, relatively high end system:

    • 2 Fuse Distribution blocks
    • 2 FT 1/0G Kolossus Kable
    • 1 Digital 1/0G to 2-4G ANL fused block
    • 2 80A ANL fuses
    • 2 Terminals (Pos and Neg)
    • 2 complete 4G amp kits for 4 channel amps
    • 20 FT blue Kable 12G speaker wire
    • 5 pack 40A fuses
    • 1 1/0 ring terminal (blue)

    Total including shipping is $189.21

    Now this is realatively cheap considering what I'm getting... and this puts me in a really good position for what I want to do... one amp for fronts, one for rears, and one per sub... total 4....
  9. alternator whine? is it bad?
  10. Yes alternator whine is bad... you hear your alternator scream louder and louder with each RPM increase... it really drives you crazy when you can't turn the damn amps off because you don't have a remote lead... which again... something you're going to have to deal with is the amp always being on when your car is on... reguardless if the radio is on or not. This comes with not using an aftermarket hu.

    Alternator whine comes from having your signal wires cross or run paralel (yes I know I can't spell) to power wires... you will need to tap in off your rear signal up in the rear dash and convert it right there to an RCA low signal and then run RCAs to your amp. Knuknocept's 2 channel amp kit is fine for this and if you go through them ask if they'll give you a 1M or 2M instead of a 5M because you won't need 16ft of RCA cable when you're running from the rear deck right below it to the amp.

    If you need a diagram or step by step directions let me know and I'll email em to ya for your application.
  11. is there anyway to avoid this without buying a new headunit?

  12. RCAs are better equiped to handle signal noise so you'll have to convert the speaker level signal to low level RCA right at the factory wiring.
  13. i will have a professionall do his so well see
  14. expect to pay $60 or so just for someone to do 20-30 mins of work......... And it is so simple. If you can replace your spark plugs/air filter/FUEL then you can do stereo work.
  15. Couple things here, you pay 60 bucks but you get yourself a warranty on the workmanship as well, also a quality install on a cheap system will sound better than a ****ty install on a expensive system, my reccomendation to you would be to get a single 10 for around 100 bucks, the rockford HE is a great sub in this price range and sounds great in a sealed box, a sealed box round .8 q-logic makes one for 69 bucks, no polyfill that **** sucks you have a good sub with the right box you don't need it, get a mid sized 2 channel, kenwood makes one that is not bad at all kac7201, 200 bucks here perfect amount of power for the sub and a good workhorse amp, get a amp kit and professional install it will take more than 20-30 minutes to install an amp with the mach 460, i have done this more times than i can count and to do it right would still take me bout an hour or so, with what i have told you, you will have a nice smooth system that can go loud and not sound like crap, no matter if you listen to rap or jazz and you are right in your 500 price two cents, if you want some mroe help let me know DC
  16. how important is replacing the headunit? and what about eclipse subs?
  17. whatever you use, rf, alpine, infinity, eclipse... doesn't matter... what matters is that you like the sound that comes out of it.

    If you can't figure out how to install it then pay someone else to do it... that's fine too... it keeps high school kids with jobs.
  18. Old post, I know..I was searching for something else.

    Anyway, just an FYI there is a way to turn your aftermarket amps on and off easily even with a stock HU. There will blue remote turn of wire to your aftermarket amp, this wire will be tapped into a 12v wire somewhere in your car that gets power whenever your car is on. All you need to do is wire in a rocker switch on that blue wire. this way you can select when your amp is on or off for about $2 in parts
  19. I did the same thing, mine sounds great. The only bad thing is you can't really turn the bass down all the way. But, I am using an MTX Crossover which is helping a lot. (Takes out the voices)