Aftermarket CD player what instalation kit?

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  1. Im wanting to install my pioneer MP3 cd player in my 96 mustang GT with mach 460 sound. what adapter kit do i need? i cant seem to find one?? also a couple of my front speakers are blown one door speaker and one of the small uper speakers what size are these so i can replace them? thanks!
  2. You dont need one. The stock radio is din and so is your pioneer.
  3. I know that.. i need to know what wiring kit i need! i dont want to butcher the harness up!
  4. Most likely a standard two into one harness sold anywhere. You need to pull your old set up out first.
  5. has what u need

  6. The Crutchfield unit is a POS. It took me some time to hunt the correct harnesses down for my 96' GT too, but here is what you need.

    1.Stock amp intergration harness direct fit for the 94' to 99' 460 head units.

    2. If your new head unit does not have 2 sets of amp pre outs then you will need to go to wall mart and buy a schoche hi/low level converter to get the rear (or fronts) sounding right. I think it's like 20 bucks or something but if your head unit has 2 pre-outs your all set with no OEM harness cutting, or hacking.
  7. Ok i ordered that harness.. Now what size are my front speakers? the little ones on the top of the door and the lowers? i have one or two blown up there!
  8. Not sure, mine are still working good.:nice:

    Check this site out, I think the info is here

    Mach 460 Information
  9. they're 5x7's or 4x6's whichever one you can get
  10. The kits on Crutchfield are made by Metra, and Ford ran the same harness for multiple cars, for multiple years. I dont know how splicing in wires, and plugging in a plug can be a "POS"?