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  1. 03-04 Mach 1 Showdown Event

    This will be an event between 2003-2004 Mach 1 Mustangs scheduled to take place September 21st, 2007 at Norwalk Raceway Park (NHRA Track) located in Norwalk, Ohio. The idea started from the Mach 1 Registry Owners Club by Bill P. (screen name Linemup) to have a 2007 showdown between 03-04 Mach 1’s. Bill P. is also financing the track rental at Norwalk, which will cost $3580 to have this event. There is no cost for all race class entries or to anyone else that shows up to this event. If enough Mach 1 owners show up at this event, we are planning a car show also. You do not have to race in classes at this event. You can run open track if you like. Concession stand will be open during the Showdown. Sunoco race fuels will be available at the track and Harlow Racing Tire located on the track property, will be open.

    On Saturday September 22nd, there will be a dyno day shootout between the class entries. Primary sponsor Jeff & Tammy Chambers of CRT Performance, will be conducting this dyno shootout at their Mustang Dyno shop performance facility. CRT Performance will be giving free dyno pulls (2 pulls each) to all class winners for Saturday’s dyno shootout. The cost to all others that participate in the dyno shootout or just want their Mach 1 dynoed, is $50 for 2 good pulls. This includes checking air/fuel ratio. If anyone that drives their Mach to this event breaks down while running, Jeff Chambers will do what he can to get your Mach 1 fixed. CRT Performance is located about 2 miles from the track and Jeff will have a spare trailer at the track if your vehicle breaks. They are also planning on grilling out for everyone during the afternoon, while this dyno shootout takes place.

    This event will consist of 5 heads up classes and 1 bracket class. The track will be sprayed & prepped prior to opening at 9:00 am for open track. Then at 11:30 am, the track will be sprayed & prepped for a second time. At noon, the Showdown classes will begin. When the classes are completed, the remainder of time will be open track until 4:00 pm.

    There will be prizes & trophies for the winners & runner up of each class. Friday evening, there will be an awards ceremony & get together for all class entries, members, guests or Mach 1 owners who show, hosted by Jeff & Tammy Chambers. Norwalk will be holding a Friday night Test & Tune starting at 6:00 pm for $12.00 for anyone interested in running in the evening.

    Currently we have 29 entry names with assigned numbers and classes. The classes & rules are as follows:

    This event is from 9:00am-4:00pm 7hrs.

    First 5 classes are all heads up using a .500 Pro Tree. Bracket class will be a Sportsman .500 tree.

    1. Factory Mach - N/A Only. Street tire/drag radials, factory or aftermarket full exhaust, shorty headers OK. Aftermarket gears and basic engine external bolt ons (no ported intake), intake spacer OK. Factory transmission, strengthening mods only, (example: 26 spline input shaft OK), no 2 step, no trans brake, aftermarket shifter OK. Aluminum flywheel OK. Factory style suspension front & back. Example, no tubular K-member or tubular A arms. Aftermarket rear upper lower control arms OK. removing front sway bar OK. Aftermarket full/standard sub-frames OK. Lowering springs OK. Custom tunes OK. Full interior, No skinnies, factory style 17" or larger wheels, factory style brakes, any Driveshaft.

    2. Modified Mach- N/A Only. No internal modifications to factory long block, ported intake OK. Anything else goes!

    3. Super Mach - N/A Only. Anything else goes.

    4. Power Mach - No internal modifications to factory long block, ported intake OK. Single Power adder only, Anything else goes.

    5. Ultimate Mach- Power adders only, anything goes.

    6. Bracket Mach - All classes can run in this bracket class showdown

    Participants running nitrous oxide can run one of the N/A classes also. Bottles will be checked so that supply line is disconnected.

    The primary sponsor of this event is Jeff & Tammy Chambers, owners of CRT (Chambers Racing Team) Performance in Norwalk, Ohio. Others that are planning to attend this event Scott Hoag of Mustang Racing Technologies. Terry Johnson & Craig Svader of, Street Lethal Performance, Craig will be racing in this event. Dave Wagner, founder of the Mach 1 Registry Club. Bob Cosby, 2004 NMRA Factory Stock Champ. Jeff Schmell, 2006 NMRA Factory Stock runner up and will be racing at this event. Additional sponsors that may attend that have not committed at this time, Paul Siviniki of Paul’s High Performance. Lidio Iacobelli, of Alternative Auto Performance.

    Norwalk Raceway Park will allow people that are traveling in campers, trailers or have tents to stay overnight Thursday & Friday at the track. Thursday night is free & Friday night would cost $12.00 due to the test & tune and must be out of the track by 9:30 am Saturday. Unless you are planning on running in Norwalk’s local NHRA series points meet. There is plenty of parking in the pits that have electrical hook up for your camper, trailer or tents. Here is a list of hotels in the Sandusky, Ohio area which is 10-15 min from Norwalk and can be found at this link:

    Additional detailed information can be found for this event by going to the Mach 1 Registry Owners Club
    Or contact Phil Bastian at [email protected].

    Performance mods & tunes by CRT Performance, owner/tuner Jeff Chambers.