All Power Windows Not Working.

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  1. STORM ROLLING IN! My windows wouldn't work a few days ago, then mysteriously started again. Stopped again today and will not work. Power locks also won't work also none of the individual switches. Checked all fuses, have 12V at switch.
    Plug test: have continuity between each, "pair" of wires on each of the respective switch plugs, and between the black wire and ground to body.
    Switch test: continuity along the terminals and in each switch with it "up" and "down".
    Will a bad switch itself stop all windows?
  2. yes, the culprit is usually a bad drivers side switch.
  3. Would that also affect locks though?
  4. I also tried a jumper from the 12V keyed at the plug to the plug to the driver motor. Didn't move, but it was dark by that time and I don't know if I got it jumped right.
  5. UPDATE:
    I just tested the switch with it in the car. With my meter grounded to the door or the ground wire in the plug, and everything plugged in, I do not get 12V on any button, either side, up or down. But, I DO get 12V when operating the driver window button ONLY with it unplugged from the motor, but nothing on any other button with it unplugged. I am in search of a switch. Josh at Encore Mustang Parts replied to my post on Facebook, $90 shipped.
  6. NINETY bucks for a door switch? Holy moly.

    have you tried EBAY, the classifieds here and on Corral, CL ? Try MPS in Georgia, Ruffinno Mustang parts, or Eddyson in Miami. I thnk LMRS sells replacement buttons for the switch? @[email protected]
  7. Yeah. I told him I thought $90 was high. I found a couple on eBay, chrome. Mine are black. I mentioned the eBay price and he said I better get em before he buys them all. Lol
  8. LMR has switches, but I haven't seen the four button master for 'vert. I was gonna open it up and clean it, but I was more concerned with getting the windows up as it's been raining here since shortly after they quit, go figure. I did use a jumper to get them up.
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  10. Mine is an '86.
  11. My bad.. give these guys a call. They stock a lot of NOS Ford stuff

    Performance Parts
    (703) 742-6207
  12. Awesome. Thanks. I'm chatting with a guy that has a switch now. $40 shipped.
  13. Popped the switch open today:
  14. Is that burnt i see??
  15. It was pretty goopy in there. I cleaned out all the grease and checked the contacts. It was glued together so I had to hold it together while plugged in but it worksed. All the snap tabs broke so super glue or epoxy is in order. I'll prolly still get the switch I found and keep this one for a spare just in case.
  16. That looks like the Whitman Sampler box after an hour at Jenny Craig.


    Thank you. Try the veal.
  17. Glued it all back together and out it in. It works. Good thing, the guy I was talking to said he went to pull his switch and it didn't work.