Aluminum Auto Shifter handle

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  1. Hey guys,

    I remember somewhere in my online travels that I saw some company selling an aluminum automatic shifter handle for 99-up (with the overdrive button). I think it had the running pony logo engraved on it as well. I can't find it on Google. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? I'd like to find it again. How difficult do you think it would be to install something like that, anyway? Thanks.
  2. i know had stuff like that
  3. sounds like a UPR product to me
  4. Your right...linkage for those who can't type.
  5. I purchased the MGW chrome automatic shifter last summer. The installation was a breeze, about 30 mins. The shifter looks really sweet once installed; one of the best interior mods I have made. If your going to buy the shifter you might as well go ahead and buy the chrome emergency brake handle. These two mods will difinetly livin up your stang :)

    I have one in the satin finish and it looks awesome, BUT the metal is starting to develop small holes in it due to wear.

    Oh and be warned its hot as hell in the summer and cold as ice in the winter.
  7. Call MGW and ask to speak with George, he will help you out with the "Holes". If it is a manufacturing defect, you will more than likely get some type of help, they are great!
  8. Alley, i also have the chrome auto shifter handle, do you you have any interior pics with chrome e-brake?
  9. Hey, thanks for everyone's help. Soon after I posted the topic, I remembered that I did see it at MGW. I ended up ordering it (satin finish), and it's everything you guys said. It was pretty easy to install, looks great, and will look better when I get a couple more MGW products (probably the AC knobs and the E-brake).