Aluminum hood oxidation

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by 2010pony, May 19, 2011.

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  1. ....and if is only affecting a small amount of Mustangs then make it right on that small amount of mustangs..why should I pay for iron contamination on aluminum parts. Foolish - my wife's car is a 2010 BMW 535i and the hood and fenders are also aluminium and she doesn't have this problem. I'm getting the I told you so and now she wants my car out of the garage.
  2. My friends 07 Mustang had the same problem....under the lip of the hood it began to rust at the spot welds. We sanded it down sealed it and painted it. It is an easy fix if you catch it early. Sorry to hear yours rusted through. Im surprised it took so long to notice the problem, too bad it was out of warranty. try another dealer you may have better luck. My local dealer took great care of me when I had a problem with a clicking noise in my rear brakes...even slightly out of warranty they put on all new rear brakes...
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    LMAO, your wife sounds really nice. Don't park that crap next to my BMW:hail2:

    Isn't your car under warranty?
  4. Hello 2010pony,

    I understand your anger, and I am very sorry you feel that way. A compromise has been made, as you are out of warranty guidelines. As I stated, it is available should you choose to accept it.

  5. Apparently it isn't under warranty because I drive it for work .... 18 months and it has a corrosive hood but because of my mileage I have to contribute money to remedy .... This car is on its way out
  6. The first thing a Corporate Customer Service employee learns is that the "warr

    anty guidelines" needs to be broken if you are to have successful customer service.:D The Corporation never has good sense when it comes to customer service.:eek: And I write this after spending 8 years in customer service with a very large corporation.
  7. people

    Some people can never be satisfied even with compromise...Sometimes its best to let them go.

    I sell marine engines. I have had customers who buy a new motors that show up a year or years later with a problem that is almost always taken care of by warranty coverage. The problem with some of them is that they never came in for their scheduled service, have not maintained the motor in accordance with the owners manual and or the warranty has lapsed they expect full warranty coverage. When the motor manufacturers cover only parts or labor because of the lack of conformity with the warranty requirements they get upset,...but they have an obligation to conform to the warranty agreement. Then they swear they will no longer do business with me...I make every effort to salvage the relationship but some people never appreciate the effort no matter what. I have eaten many losses for good customers but I have also learned that some people expect too much.

    If Ford is offering a compromise take them up on it. They are willing to help you out to salvage the relationship...You have a great car with a minor problem. Try to focus on the good.
  8. This ^^^^
  9. If you look at all of Natasha's responses they are very scripted allmost as if written by a computer!\
    Ford knows about this problem there are quite a few TSB's on this, it has been ongoing since 2005 and they still wont fix it.Ford has not perfected the manufacturing process they are cutting corners somewhere to keep the costs down. You should send your posts to all the Mustang forums if enough people read it than maybe it will cut into Ford sales which I hope it does! I had a 2000 Mustang GT had a fiberglass hood and trunk no issues at all with them. i have a 2005 Mustang V6 deluxe it left me on the side of the road twice now has had issues with the harmonic balancer and alternator just went.
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  11. Iam not sorry if you dont like my first post too bad ! Im not a troll just because I dont write want you to hear but Ford customer service really sucks. Dont get me wrong I love Mustangs have had 4, a 2000 Gt, 2005 GT,2005 V6 deluxe and 2007 V6 premium. The 05 GT and 07 V6 were both bought for my daughters who didnt make the payments. I sold the 2005 GT and 2007 V6.I now have the 2005 V6 for myself and am trying to fix the problems.I just replaced the harmonic balancer it broke off and yesterday the alternater died on my way home from work.My fuel guage is also gone crazy so I replaced the sender and card and fixed the problem.I too have the underhood corrosion problem.
  12. It appears I need some defense.

    This one condition of maintenance was that the dealership failed to send documentation to Tricare, so I was not notified for ONE "acid rain" protective application. I'm sure the contamination and the TSB issued had more to do with the oxidation than the dealership's failure to comply, regardless of my complete lack of faith in both the dealership, and Ford. And that was my point, I was promised that the anti-corrosion unit would provide a great deal of precaution. I merely posted my original complaint to inform others to proceed in a severely distrustful manner, otherwise, more people could be cheated out of good money. Do not believe wholeheartedly in customer service.
  14. My, oh my. Regardless of the issues with any other company, Ford touts its vehement dedication to customer satisfaction. And, as can hopefully be understood, there is something to be said for the company that decides to step up. We're most a little sick of corporate irresponsibility, and in that case, it is the consumers who should be forming allegiances with each other, not attempting to defend this unfairness. It is time that, perhaps, we stop considering these defaults as something that merely occurs and is to be accepted. I do not insist that it is only Ford that deals these cheating hands, but Ford is the one with which I must argue my point.
  15. wtf

    Sounds like a dealer problem...if you paid for something and did not get it due to a failure on the part of the dealer then you have legal recourse. You need to file a claim in court. Blaming Ford for a dealer failure is pointless. File a claim in small claims court and if you are correct you will at least be refunded the 1000 dollars then you can get a new hood.
  16. Ford has fulfilled its warranty obligations. You are not going to buy another Ford no matter what they do and they still offered you a compromise as a good faith gesture that you will not accept. :rolleyes:
  17. I can see some of you are upset at the outcome of 2010pony's situation. It is unfortunate, but many factors were reviewed and a compromise was offered. 2010pony, it is still available if you would like to have it resolved.


    I assure you, I am not a computer. I am here to listen to concerns and help members of this forum. If you would like assistance, please let me know.


    If you would like to have your concerns documented, as well as your customer service experience, feel free to contact Ford of Canada Customer Relationship Centre at 1.800.565.3673.

  18. Hey I'm sure you guys have cameras... Can you put up some pictures of your hoods? I'm curious to see what I should be looking out for.
  19. No excuse for poor customer service and manufacturing quality. Ford should strive to be the best--not the average. The concept and engineering of the 2011 Mustang is outstanding-now management has to pick up the pace and improve customer service to match.
  20. I will take some pictures this weekend. Been busy with work (end of the month and what not) Just some background, I bought the car used 6 months ago. I checked it out at the dealership, Chevrolet dealership by the way, and honestly did not know to look that closely at the hood lip. Not until a couple weeks after I bought the car did I read about this issue and take a good look at my hood. Found a couple of bubbles but did not think much of it as usually it takes years for the cancer to progress. This stuff moves fast, its almost tripled in size in six months. I did not have visible bubbles on the OUTSIDE of the hood six months ago, I do now.
    One of my good friends bought an 08 GT after driving my V6 and his hood is exhibiting the same corrosion. He ****ed at me about it for steering him to Ford products (we are both longtime Camaro owners) and I said hey is it my fault if Ford cant seem to get a simple paint process correct? I would think they would at least be on par with GM on the whole paint and body thing.
    I will take pictures of my 94 Z28 hood as well so you can see how a 15 year old GM product is holding up versus a not even 4 year old Ford product.

    I dont want to seem like I am bashing the Mustang. I actually love my GO V6 stang, believe it or not. However, I can not in good faith give my friends, family, and coworkers the go ahead to buy Ford products. Not if the body is going to fall off of them before they are 5 years old.
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