Am I a trader?

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  1. Today while car shopping around for a new car for my friend (he wants a Mazda 3) we went by Car Max and started looking around. I came upon a Lincoln LS with a V8. I was like hmm, I've always wanted to sit in one of these, so the guy opens the car up and I get in. Wow...awesome interior. I think its a nice car but get out and help my friend look around. Around the time we are leaving the guy asks if we want to test anything, my friend says no, but I was like...well I'd like to try the LS. So he copies my lisense and we are ready to roll. He says its just a short trip around a predetermined route, but I dont care. So we go and first think I notice is just how awesome the interior stuff is. The seat has memory, its heated (the seats) and it has like 3 climate zones. Not to mention all the fun buttons to play with. He says turn left at the light and get on the interstate and to "punch it." Well punch it I the time it takes me to hit 50, this thing was doing 75-80 and was still quiet. I was floored by this car. Hell the radio told me what station it was (like it scrolled the letters of the station) as well as the damn song that was playing.

    I really wanted a Lightning..but this is honestly more reasonable money wise. And although I love my Mustang...I really love this car too. What shall I ever do?!
  2. Get the Cadillac GTS, it looks more sporty, but is still luxury. Trader... no...
  3. CTS costs more...and it aint a Ford.
  4. traiter, not trader
  5. LOL you think I spelled that wrong accidently? No no my good man..its simply a play on words. Because my Mustang would be a trade in (well more like, I'd sell it then use the money for a trade in).
  6. Not traiter, not trader, but TRAITOR!
  7. If you like that, then go with the Maurader, it is the same engine as the Cobra but a little different cams, come with AutoMeter gauges and is just damn cool! They already have a blower for it and putting out like 500+ hp!
  8. Again....the Maurauder isnt $20k.
  9. Sure, go for it. I always liked the LS.
  10. Cadillac CTS!?!?!?! Why the crap would he want an Aztek Sedan???

    Edit: I do like the LS though. I drove my grandmother's a few years ago. Pretty nice.
  11. Ok update...I test drive a Lightning.....

    I'm in love. It was loud and fast.
  12. Marauder owners say that stock vs. stock, the V8 LS will take them.
  13. lightning all the way! :banana:
  14. i am in love with the lincoln ls, it very well may be one of my favorite cars on the there is a bunch of aftermarket stuff available for it to i think. not to mention it goes 150 in stock trim not that you need to go that fast but you could. and i think this goes a long way for the aftermarket stuff too but the engine that powers the Jaguar S-Type 4.0 is the same engine that is in the LS V8, they just rounded the engine size up a little. (sound familliar? the 5.0 was actually a 4.9)
  15. a Lincoln is such a grandmaw sorta car...
  16. And a V6 Mustang aint?
  17. The Lightning is a much more aggressive vehicle...driving..fat tires, tight drive it compared to a normal vehicle which is more tame.

    There was a 2002 Lightning with 5600 miles for $25,500.00 out the door total near me. That was cheap.

    It will also spank what you have driven hard.
  18. If you buy the Lincoln, when someone with a 99+ V6 Mustang or Grand Am GT takes you, you are going to be angry. Those are luxuriant but slow.


    Get Lighting. Don't be crazy.
  19. Slow? Eh, not the one I the line it was but in about 2nd or third it was flying.

    Not to mention you drove/drive a GM, so your opinion is null and void.

  20. OK... Without telling a racing story I can safley say that the owner of the Lincoln LS V8 I beat wasn't happy that I was in a 2001 Grand Am GT either.

    I've driven several Lightnings... I may have owned many GM cars in my life.. as well as about the same ammount of Fords but you are a crazy fool if you get that old gheezer Lincoln over a Lightning.

    I'm 32 and I am too young to drive that old mans car.