Am I a trader?

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  1. Old mans car or not, its nice as hell.

    And it will keep me the hell outta trouble with cops. Which is something I need.
  2. Nice car, have worked on a few. The newer ones are definately nice, especially with the Alpine audio system. However, they are cruiser cars with a better top end then low end. The suck below 70 with the slow-shifting transmissions. But once you get going, it definately moves.

    However, after riding in my friends Lightning, I would take that in a second in comparison to the Lincoln. More mods, more power, and a MUCH nastier exhaust note. Lincoln = lose! Lightning = win!
  3. My radio in my Lightning is 6 cd in dash and it also tells you the name of the station and the name of the song.

    Thought I would share.
  4. Yea, by the way, how's that power steering holding up for you?

    The Lincoln wouldn't be such a bad car. I mean if you get it in black, dark tint, some nice 100 spoke gold rims, and zebra print seats, you'd have a pretty pimping ride! :nice:
  5. An old mans car with a young looking guy driving? You could hold up a 7-11 and attract less cops.


    Buy what you want man!

    I still can't see buying a relativley slow luxury car over a Lightning. In all honesty I do like luxury cars but there is now way I'd consider a Lincoln LS in the same context as a Lightning.
  6. The Lincoln LS is a nice car, but it's too bland looking. If you want a REAL sharp looking Lincoln buy the Lincoln LSC. They stopped making them in 1997 or 1998. You can find a low mileage one for under $15,000. They have 290 HP and are a nicer looking car than the LS.
  7. You are talking about the 3700LB 280HP 285Ft.Lbs of torque 4.6L V8 powered Lincoln MarkVIII made from 1993-1998.

    I know someone that might be looking for one since it's the rare nearly perfect sleeper. :eek: :D
  8. you go to the one outside of charlotte?
  9. The one on interstate 74?
  10. yeap.. go west and you go into charlotte, it's a huge ass carmax.. my brother used to live like 2 minutes from there. my dad also bought a 98 exploder from there

    that place is huge.. walk in and get on a computer and find the car you want

    they even had golf carts there to take you out on the lot!
  11. Thats the one I drove the Lightning at. They've recently opened another off South Blvd (dunno if you know where that is) thats a lot smaller, but they still have a good number of cars.
  12. my dad has 2 1988 lincoln lsc's.. nice car.. ugly ass rear end

    they come stock with the 5.0 ho engine

    my dad also has a 1999 lincoln continental.. same motor as the ls i believe

    a 4.6 DOHC engine.. car sucks until you turn off the traction control, but afterwards.. it will do some nice fwd burnouts

  13. There has never been a FWD Lincoln.

  14. This just confirms that you are not the only one mistaken. Random people might believe we never made it to the moon.

    Look up credible sources like Edmuns or MSN carpoint, you will never find a FWD Lincoln as there was never one made.

    My co-worker swears she has a 1992 RWD Grand Am. (no such thing either) :shrug:

    So it's not just you. I won't argue the point further as I am confient you will find out from credible sources on your own. Like Lincoln's website or try an Lincoln enthusiast site like this ans ask about FWD. Don't get upset if they are rude or make fun of you for not knowing. Evryone has to learn sometime :)

    Look under "specifications" "layout" you will find it says "front engine, rear drive"

  15. can someone here vouch for me?

    i am right.. the 1999 lincoln continental is front wheel drive

    is internetautoguide wrong as well??

    look at this section:

    heres the review:

    i would give you a link from lincolns website about it, but they no longer make the continental.

  16. Typo. Did you look on FORD'S website?

    I've seen a 7.5 liter 4cyl Toyota Tercel too... but it was a typo.

    Perhaps I am wrong, it is FWD it's the only FWD Lincoln ever made.

    Damn... it is FWD. I stand humbly corrected. :)

    I still think it's the only FWD Lincoln made.
  17. Being wrong sucks.. hehe

  18. Yeah, but when you are wrong and feel like a complete idiot you learn something you don't easily forget. :shrug: