Am i goin to pay to much???

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  1. Well i havent been on in a long time. I sold the 91LX that i had to lift my truck that i bought. Well i have been upset since that day. Cause i want my stang back. Well since i cant get the same stang back i saw one in the newspaper today for sale. 91LX, HB, AUTO(starting to slip) Red with grey & black interar. They are asking 1250 obo. I talked to the lady and she said that it ISogoiable. So i am thinking 800-1000? What yall think. How much should i give for it.

  2. 2.3 or 5.oh? how many miles on it?
    Once you figure that out, look it up on BB
  3. If you do a T5 swap on it I'm sure it will be fine. Depends on the shape it's in though.
  4. Talk 'em down $500 or so for the tranny - if you were actually going to repair it, it'd be a grand or more. Get a good deal and then put that toward a T5 swap - I did mine for $300.

  5. Its a 2.3L thats why i posted it on the forum. Its got 110000 on the car and 43000 on the motor.

  6. make sure she understands the trans will be inoperable in another 500miles, and that it costs 1200-2000 to rebuild it. If she won't knock the price down, walk. I suppose it might be worth it if it is in good condtion otherwise, but I would be picky considering the trans is gone.
  7. Well i have a friend that rebuilds them so it wont cost me that much. But i would really like to get a 5 Speed swaped in there. Will just have to see.