Another big announcement for 2011-12 owners from Steeda - coming soon

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  1. Hey Guys and Gals,

    This won't be as big as the vehicle announcement but just wanted to give you a heads up that we have another great product on its way this Monday.

    Check back with on Monday to see what the big reveal is!!

    I will give you a hint... Its not the announcement of the new guy Matt and we are not giving away anything.


  2. Why not give something away? I'd love something
  3. We are giving away the Shocks and Struts on Facebook... We are giving away dreams MoshpitMad, the dream to to own quality Steeda parts.

    That is all I have, lol

  4. So....what's the product?
  5. Hey Guys,

    Big apology for teasing you guys like that. We had some unforseen circumstances yesterday come up that wouldn't allow us to provide the release.

    Here is the announcement you have been wating for...
    CAM Idle tunes will be available by Friday of this coming week.

    Price for a cam idle tune will be 90.00 and will initially be only released for manual transmission vehicles.

    Automatics should be supported sometime next month and will be the same pricing.

    Once again thanks for the support and hope this news was worth waiting for. The tune sounds great!!


  6. Sweet! Lets hear a sound clip!! Be sure to post when the tune is ready for the auto's... might be good time to get a Steeda CAI and maybe get the cammed sound added into the new tune.
  7. Are there any true gains of these "cammed" tunes besides the cool idles sound? I know a while ago these tunes came out, but were later pulled due to people destroying their engines. But I also know that steeda wasnt the guys doing the tuning ;-)
  8. There is no power difference between the cam idle tune and a standard performance tune. Only the cam sound at idle is the difference.
  9. Can you add this to like a 93 agressive tune?
  10. TJ... is the tune for the auto's ready yet?
  11. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you asking if you can add just the cam idle to a tune that you already have?

    It is not yet available. Still under development.

    We won't release anything until we've tested it thoroughly, I apologize for the delay.
  12. Just keep us posted... I'm in no hurry, but I will buy it when its ready. :nice:
  13. Will-do! :)
  14. I'm interested as well. Must be able to add it to my Steeda 93 octane tune.

  15. Are tunes warranty voiding?
  16. Any custom tune voids the warranty as long as it is the cause of the problem. ie: if your brake master cylinder is defective, the tune won't void any warranty.
  17. Makes sense, thanks!

    So, I'm a little retarded when it comes to tuning. Actually, mostly retarded. I have an SCT tuner that I bought for use with my other car, can I put tunes on it to load into my 5.0? How would I go about getting this Steeda tune into my car?

  18. With an SCT tuner, you can only use it on one vehicle at a time. So if you have loaded a tune on your other vehicle, then it is 'locked' to that vehicle until you uninstall the tune from that vehicle and 'unlock' it from it.

    If you order one of our tunes, we will email it to you once it is ready. You will then plug the tuner into your PC and download the tune, and then upload the tune into your vehicle.

    Let me know if I can help you with that!
  19. So if I am understanding this correctly, I would need separate tuners if I wanted to run custom tunes on both cars at the same time?

    Either way I would be interested in this tune.