Another big announcement for 2011-12 owners from Steeda - coming soon

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  1. That is correct.
  2. Yes seperate tuners for different cars.

    Here is another video of the tune.

  3. Very cool. Let me get it straight though, I need to have already bought a hand held tuner to be able to install this, correct? Or can you preload it on a tuner for me to buy directly from you?
  4. Sounds good! Looking forward to getting mine. What exhaust is that? Scratch that, I opened the video in YouTube and saw the setup.

    You can buy the tuner from them with the tune already loaded.
  5. I think that is right. I bought Steeda's CAI and 93 octane tune allready on the SCT tuner. I think I can buy the idle tune over the internet (I hope).
  6. They told me that if you already have a tuner they can just email you the tune (it is just a computer file after all) and tell you how to load it onto the tuner from your computer.

    Since my tuner is already locked to another car, I had to buy another one.
  7. This whole thing with the tuner being locked to a car, can it be unlocked to use on another car? Ya know $379 tuners aren't cheap.
  8. We can pre-load it onto a tuner when you purchase the tuner from us, along with your other two custom Steeda tunes. Let me know if I can get you one. :)

    You can surely hop on the LiveChat and order it through me once the Boss cam idle tunes are ready for sale. (still in testing)


    The only way is to remove the tune, placing the vehicle's PCM back to factory, unlocking it from that vehicle so that you can use it on a different vehicle. But basically you can't use the same tuner on two+ different cars with a custom tune loaded into each at the same time.
  9. I didn't have a choice. My other car has an aftermarket supercharger, so I can't run the stock tune on it. Gotta pay to play I guess.
  10. Another greta Steeda product !:nice:
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