Any Advice Before Installing My Turbo?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by zZsKyZz, May 23, 2013.

  1. I purchased a Boost Brothers turbo kit a few months ago. I have ported the hot side of the turbo and polished the cold side. I have ceramic coated the hot side and powder coated the cold side. I have ceramic coated the outside of the piping before the turbo and did the outside and inside of the hotside piping after the turbo. I have also powder coated the outside of the cold side piping and the intercooler. I will be wrapping the hot side with exhaust wrap.

    I have a 255lph fuel pump, 42# injectors, Lightning MAF, lightning wiring pigtail, a moates quarterhorse, roush boost gauge, and an innovate wideband.

    I also purchased a set of subframe connectors to help keep the frame of my weak convertible stiff.

    Am I missing anything before I start this install? Any suggestions or things to watch out for?
  2. Keep the boost low, don't get crazy with the car till after it is safely tuned.
    If you blow the head gaskets go with MLS on the rebuild and make sure you get your heads checked for warping.

    Other than that, slow and steady. Solder the LMAF connection. I actually used the heat shrink / solder connectors and added an extra heat shrink on top.
    Do it once and do it right, even if you have to wait and order tools.

    How will you bee tuning the car?