Any chance that the 3-v intake for the 05 would fit on the older 2-valve heads?

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  1. Just a question...but a hopeful one. Besides the height, do people think there would any chance the '05 intake would fit on the older 2-valve heads? I'm not good with the actual motor measurements, etc. so I thought I would ask everyone else. Its probably a long shot...or one that would require you to switch the heads and the intake...if they will be compatible. Thanks for your help!

  2. No.

    The intake ports are are different.

    Switching the heads & intake will be a major job as the engine controls & computer are different and the 3 valve has VCT.
  3. It might be possible if you can port match it to the older heads
  4. I think you'll have to wait until the thing comes out. I have yet to see any real specs. on the engine.
  5. Yeah, this question can't be answered until the car actually comes out. But of course if you have the money a lot of things are possible.
  6. How can you ask such a thing. If you have any doubts about fitting whatever into or onto a car, you need to start watching Monster Garage

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    1990 Ford Mustang GT Specs

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