Any E7 Guys Left Out There?

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  1. Or is it just me?
  2. Yes...unfortunately:( But that's changing this year:banana:
  3. lucky...
  4. I left the E7 club last October when I sold my '95 GT and replaced it with an S197.
  5. I just joined the AFR club yesterday! Well, I own them, they won't be on the car till probably after April.

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  6. Right here...restored my Fox to near original condition, including keeping the E7 heads.
  7. Yes. I want to change them one day, but it will be a while down the road I'm afraid.
  8. I still got my e7 heads. Theres a guy over in the corral running e7 heads putting down 336 hp to the rear wheel n/a.
  9. Nope, not just you, add me too.
  10. He's on here also. They can flow descent numbers if you put a ton of time in them but will never outrun a good pair of aftermarket alum heads
  11. Yep, the money delima
  12. e7 et al, still want to go tfs 170 and cam... did get that 93 cobra intake that's going on very soon regardless...

    I think cleanlx uses supreme grade gas that's how he does it ;)
  13. I still have e7s
  14. My 95 made 223 w e7 .512 cam and ported lower
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  15. In closing: The moral of the story, a head job is just plain expensive. Cylinder heads, a gillion nickel and dime parts, labor out the butt. Seems to go on and on
  16. Still worth it IMO. Other than gears I think it's the best bang for the buck. It does add up though. For example heads would be worth at least a 1/2 sec with your existing mods
  17. E7s here. Never hated them on my car.
  18. I don't hate mine until I think about runnin a 15 sec 1/4 mi. I don't race so guess it doesn't matter guess its just the principle. But then again maybe I'd race if it wasnt a 15 sec 1/4
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  19. I've been running various models of AFR's for so long now that it took a minute for me to figure out what E7's were..... ;)
  20. True, I'm sure back when my car was running 15 second passes, I probably hated the E7s too. All depends on your end goals.