Any really sharp looking rims out there besides Cobra R's?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Chowder Head, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Yep Chowder that's basically it, MustangVertGT's back wheels are deep dish, so you can see the difference.
  2. I still like the white Saleens look, other than they are very heavy.
  3. I am choosing between chrome Y2K'and Roush 18x9's.

  4. Ok, cool. The deep dish rims don't look half bad either. So many damn options! LOL

    And hey man, did you get my PM regarding the tire place you mentioned before?
  5. Deep dish rims are wider too.... mine are 10" or 10.5" wide in the back rather than 9"
  6. Any Deep Dish = :drool:

    Mine are not considered "true" deep dish, but they have an inherently deep lip on them all around.


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  7. Any updated?
  8. Nobody likes the BBS RK's??? I know that they are expensive but they are worth it. I have had mine for three years and I will try to post pics when I get home. I have 18X8.5 in the front with a 265/35/18 and an 18X10 in the rear with a 295/35/18. My car is lowered about 2 inches with motorsport springs and they fill the wheelwells perfectly in my opinion. For now, You can look in my profile and I think there is a picture in the "my garage". I can't remember.
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  11. That's Hot, anymore pics with different angles?
  12. I want these but they're way expensive, Boze Forged Stixx.

  13. 98Fauxbra, post pics of your car!! Those will be the next rims I have on my car.

    Heres mine.
  14. Very nice Keven! Those night pics are really sweet.

    Alright guys, I THINK I'm set on either the 17" Anthracite FR500's or the Silver 17" FR500's. And for those that have deep dish rims, how do you like it? Any regrets? These are nice looking as well but it wouldn't hurt to have some personal opinions.

    If you missed it before, here's my car.

    So white or Anthracite? And if anyone wanted to photoshop them on my car since I blow at it, that would really be fantastic. And no, I don't have a huge bump by my tailpipes, that's just the light. Everyone that sees that pic thinks that is dent, lol.

    Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it!
  15. I'm suprised I missed this thread!...Can't resist so here's my deep dish black bullitts (Fronts 9" 255/45/17, Rears 10.5" 315/35/17) which I'm sure most of you have already seen many many times over.:D :p

  16. Wow...very nice man! If my car was black, I'd probably purchase those rims after just now looking at them, lol.

    One more question. Do I need wheel spacers? Is there a certain wheel spacers that extends the wheels out at a perfect spot where it looks really good?

    Sorry for making this a 4 page thread, lol. I started off not knowing what rim at all but now I think I've decided the FR500's would look mean. Just trying to decide if I want antarcide or silver...

    Thanks a lot guys, you've been a HUGE help!

  17. When u go with aftermarket wheels that are wider, you dont need wheel spacers. I have 18x9" wheels and the back is just about as nice as i want it. I think when u stick with 8" wide wheels then a spacer is needed.