Anybody lowering their V6?

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  1. Ok..since this is my first Stang, and infact my first ever car I can actually do some mods to, I was wondering if anyone has lowered their car with Eibach or Steeda springs? I dont know if I want to get new wheels because I love the spinners (only thing that sucks is they are 16's). So what does everyone think about lowering the car and leaving the stock wheels on. Will it look tacky? :shrug:
  2. not sure im thinking about it too
  3. I didnt get the spinners, I was e-bay shopping for some when I got lucky and got an incredable deal on the 17s.

    Im not lowering. I lowered my 88 with Ford Motorsport springs and new shocks/struts. The ride was so harsh I didnt enjoy driving it anymore. I want to do some mods and make some changes, but messing with the suspension is not one of them.
  4. There was a member on this forum a while back (before the server crash) who installed Eibach’s Pro-Kit performance springs and GT wheels/tires. Apparently, these mods made a huge difference in the way the car handled … in a good way.

    The stock V6 will pull about 0.79 G on the skidpad, while the GT will pull 0.89 G. The differences in the platforms are: the GT has slightly stiffer front springs, a rear stabilizer bar, a bigger front bar, 17 inch wheels and 235/55 tires.

    According to magazine testers, the wider/lower-profile tires account for most of this performance difference. The springs and rear bar account for the rest. Luckily, these mods are relatively cheap to perform on the V6.

    The first things going on my new Stang are wider tires (235/60’s will fit fine on the 16 inch wheels), stiffer springs and a rear stabilizer bar. The only thing I’m worried about is the amount of drop.

    Lowering your car affects the tie-rod angle, caster, camber, toe-in, alignment and scrub radius. The stabilizer bar should also be adjusted with shorter links to restore the original angle. These things need to be adjusted by a savvy suspension tuner to avoid damage and provide the desired performance enhancement. More than ½ - ¾ inch drop will require an adjustment to these parameters. Most aftermarket performance springs drop the car 1.5 – 2.0 inches, necessitating these adjustments. I am having trouble finding aftermarket springs which won’t drop the car more than ¾ inch. I may have to order the stock GT front springs from Ford …
  5. If you want to look into suspension stuff for the 05' call Kenny Brown Performance in Indianapolis. 317.247.5320 They specialize in about 80% Mustangs , have a great relationship with SVT and design suspension parts for Mustangs in a variety of cost options.
  6. Everyone I know that has Eibach springs complain about them.
    I'd go with the Steeda springs. You'll be alot happier with them
    Take my word for it!

    Good Luck

  7. would it be worth while to do suspension mods for a car that is your daily driver?
  8. Kevin, I dont know if you are asking me this question or you are asking it in general. However, I am still debating whether I want to keep this car as a daily driver or let it be that special one that I can work on. The question came across my mind too, if I am keeping her as a daily driver, then do I really need to know any kind of suspension mods or any mods at all. Still debating!
  9. I took my V-6 on the road course @ Nashville Superspeedway this past weekend and the biggest shortfal of the handling is the tires on our cars. The handles very good and can be pushed HARD even with the stock susupension but the factor holdin us back is the rock hard tires that are supplied to Ford for the V-6 Mustangs. I'm looking into buying another set of wheels and mounting up some track use tires and then pushing the car HARDER :nice:
  10. Guys, I'm lowered with the Eibach Pro-kit and 20's which will soon be 18's in Halibrands. No problems, yes you will need an alignment, I don't know about that panhard rod, I haven't had the alignment completed so I don't know if I will need camber plates. check out the pics.

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  11. Definitly like all the scoops/louvers, rims kinda flashy for me though, looks good man. Lowering looks better too.
  12. Thank you for the answer! I do not like the tires that Ford supplied either!
  13. Holy s**t! That is amazing!!! I love the hood scoop! Man and both the louvers look awesome!!
    Did you get them professionally installed?? Man they look hella-great!!!
    Thanks for posting!!! :nice: :flag:
  14. think i'll add those rear window louvers to my to-do-list, except i might get the ones with multiple slots in it.
  15. Kevin, Thank you. No, I did everything myself, with the exception of the paint. Lowered, Striped, Scooped, and so on. Not that hard to do just need to make sure your prep work is up to par before installing.

    I just swapped out those 20's and went down to 18's. I picked up 18x9 Halibrands in chrome with a +34mm offset...looks really good I think. I'll create a new post when I get pics.
  16. Springs for the 2005 Mustang V6

    I just had a set of the Steeda springs installed on my 2005 V6. They lower the car almost an inch, ride well,even on the less than ideal roads around here and the car handles better than it did before.

    Next up is a set of the new Tokico D Spec shocks.
  17. Did you also get a new set of wheels/tires or do you have the stock ones still on?

  18. Hey SC03GT can you post some pics up of the Steeda Springs? I'm curious to see what that drop looks like compared to the Eibach springs...pllleeaazzzee??
  19. I will lower my car once my initial outside cosmetic work and wheels have been completed.. Lowering the car is an absolute must.. Well, not really, but for me it is.. I will slam it, all the way down.. I will need 2x4's to enter my driveway at home.. LOL!..

    The trick to the bodies design of the 2005 is a hint from Ford.. They want it slammed to the point to where the wheels are eaten by the fenders.. If you can see the tops of your tires, then you are not doing as Ford desires... They flared the fenders, so the car can eat the wheels.. The look of the car in this state, will change dramatically.. You will be hunted by the police everyday.. You will get speeding tickets, while sitting at stoplights.. Be prepared.. Women will want to take you to meet their dads!! While their mothers try to secretly sneak you into the woodshed!! LOL!!! :nice: