Anybody lowering their V6?

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by deepinsleep, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. MSP sounds like you live in Los Angeles area like me. I wanted the Sportline kit but it seems lilke it is way too low, meaning i would have to drive slow a lot of times on the street.
  2. That looks sweet! Can you tell me how you did the fog lights in the grill? Is it a GT grill that you modified or did you buy a kit?
  3. even though i show the steeda kit in my sig its in a box in my trunk. this week when i have the front end tsb done to stop the popping noise. my mech buddy said he would put the springs in for me since its all apart anyway. so when i get it back ill post how i like it.
  4. Thanks Jimp. Fog Lights & Grill were a beatch!! I bought the kit, had switch, grill, fogs, harness at under the 2005 Mustang link
  5. Thanks for the info. Did you have to cut the grill or anything to make it fit? What was the hard part about it? I'm trying to decide if I want that kit or the one from ebay that has already been modified. TIA for any info. $300+ is a lot of money(for me!) so I want to make sure. :cheers:

  6. I only had to cut the tabs off the back of the grill...which I forgot to do so it was a PITA trying to get it to fit so I kept trying to muscle it in. Once I figured out that the tabs on the back needed to be clipped it wasn't to bad. That kit on e-bay doesn't look to bad IMO...PM me if you want me to send you the directions on how to install so you can get an idea of how much work it will take..
  7. ok here are the pics the car lowered 1" front 1 1.4 rear. and also the popping noise is gone! any way the springs are about 3" lower than the stock ones so we were crossing fingers but it worked out they are thicker. also toe and camber were off. toe no prob but the camber has no adjustment so we aordered a adjustment kit upgrade from his parts house the steeda one for 189.00 was a bit much. ride is very good speed bumps no prob