Anybody Think The New Mustang Looks Ugly?

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Do you like the looks of the new mustang?

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  1. Not a fan of the looks of the new stang. Looks like some European sedan or something. I just think ford is getting ahead of its time too much. What do you guys think?
  2. Well when you consider that the Mustang is for the first time going to be sold and marketed to the world, the euro look is a natural. Plus it also strengthens the "One Ford" theme that the company is looking for. This car was meant to appeal to a world audience, not just the rednecks in the good old U S of A. I think that once we see it in person, it will change a lot of minds.
  3. I think its pretty hot. A few tweaks, i hate the rear splitter for one
  4. I actually like the rear a lot more than the front end. Overall, a step in the right direction.
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  5. Im a bewbs man so i take it your an arse man :shrug:
  6. I didn't like the front end so much initially, but the whole car is growing on me faster than the SN95's did.... It took a decade before I started to like them! ;)
  7. I really like them. Haters gonna hate, but it's a good looking car. I'm excited to test drive a 2.3T :)
  8. Would love to see a lighter weight car for that 2.3 turbo to really be effective
  9. I'm just curious to see how it will compare to my WRX. Although the Mustang is heavy, the extra 50+ ft lb of torque compared to the WRX can make quite a difference.
  10. It's stunningly beautiful and I love it more every time I see a new pic of it. Can't wait to see it on the roads. Haters are gonna change their minds about this car within 6 months of rolling off the factory floor.
  11. Burn it to the ground
  12. Considering the Heritage of the mustang I love it. Think about how many different designs the 1st generation mustang had to go through before it was final. The mustang 1 concept looks nothing like todays mustang. its birth was meant to be modern and something no one has ever seen before. and look what it also birthed. the Camaro and the Challenger. This new mustang just means better cars and a new era of an American icon. this 50th anniversary mustang speaks to its roots.
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  13. I think the thing i hate the most about it is probably the headlights, if it had different headlights i might think it looks pretty cool
  14. I haven't been on Stangnet for some time. I have been spending time on other boards.. I personally couldn't be any happier with the new stang. It has some vintage cues with sexy modern style. Performance will be far and beyond my 2011 5.0. That my friends makes my heart go pitty freakin' patt!
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  15. Honestly i'm getting really tired about everyone crying about it on the social networks. I wasn't a fan at first, but it's grown on me and now I love it. One of the biggest complaints is how the grilles look "euro", however ford was the first manufacturer to use the open style grille like on the 15s. Overall, it's a beautiful car and I feel like we should all wait until we see a few of them in person to start criticizing it, because after everyone see's it in person they will like it a whole lot more. If I recall correctly, everyone hated the new models when they released them in 2010... The rear end on the 15s has to be the sexiest since '68 ;)
  16. I like the car overall. The only thing that "bothers" me is the one shot of the car where it shows a side profile shot of the front fender. It seems a little weird to me.
  17. Overall I like it too. The only thing I don't like is the shape of the quarter windows. It's not that they are ugly, they just look too generic to me. It seems they could have come off of any of the import coupes that are out there. Otherwise it's a good looking car , well proportioned, aggressive, and most importantly clearly recognizable as a Mustang.
    With the all the talk coming out of Ford about being "designed to appeal to a global market," I was expecting a repeat of the Mazda/Mustang/ Probe debacle from the 1990s. Glad i was wrong.
  18. The car looks fantastic from every angle in my opinion.
  19. I think you mean since '69 ;)

    I too think it looks great, then seeing the blue one at the auction - wow, it is looking classy!
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  20. The only thing I really think is ugly is going to be the price. This is where I hope Ford someday returns the Mustang to its roots - an easily-up-gradable everyman's sportscar. I realize their global sales strategy assumes a lot of wealthy European and Asian buyers are going to line up (not 100% sure about that but we'll have to see) so they've had to make some styling compromises but all in all it's a really nice car. I'd really like to see them bring the price back down to "everyman" levels and see U.S. annual sales back in the 400k range instead of selling 70k overpriced cars. But that has little to do with your question. Overall the shape is pretty awesome -- I'm sure the aftermarket will quickly have solutions for the little things people don't like (headlights, grille, spoilers, quarter windows, etc.)