Anyone have an R34 front bumper..?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by jgrigory, Dec 16, 2005.

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  2. i have it on my car.
  3. finally someone else who has it...I was beginning to think that I was the only one that had that bumper....!:p and no my friends dont drive hyundais and civics..frankly I wouldnt mind if they did because I dont judge people by their cars...and they actually like my car...:)

    So how did you get it to fit on your car..?
  4. where did you get it from?
  5. This is an abomination! Please, if the word of God rings inside of you, if you can hear the trumpets of Heaven call when it's time to fight for whatever is against our Holy Father, do not blaspheme your vehical as many have blasphemed our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

    I hope my words doesn't shy you away from Him. After all, he gave us life! Hallelujah, Amen!
  6. :lol: :bs: :nono: ok im not much into the whole religion bit but hes talking about adding something that HE like to HIS car so everyone that has negative feelings just be a little less harsh on the guy as for the actual mod in question im not head over heals for it but if your into it and it makes your stang stand out then do it. and a Far as all this rice stuff goes.....................
    94 saturn SL2 DOHC 125hp to the flywheel stock. added just about everything from including the performance engine buildup. car cost 1000 from my friends dad. after all motor mods and tune was done she dynoed @ 175 to the wheels, added a ZEX kit rather than a turbo, no one made them for saturns at the time, and that bumped it up to a little over 260 FWHP, total cost 11,000 parts and labor....4 months after i was "done" modding her some jackasses robbed a joanne fabrics next to my work and stole my car as a gettaway car, never to be seen from agian.:( insurance paid out 6,000 for the parts i hade recets for but thats it:nonono:
    this was my car exactly except for the rear wing i kept stock and i had the saturn midnight blue with silver "racing" decals all over the front doors and side of bumpers and two FALKEN ones on the rear bumber surrounding the license plate...LOL now thats american rice baby ;) :rlaugh:
    im all about the stangs now but i still say love what you got and do what you want to make it better to YOU!!! not some sterio type of what is cool here or anywhere else

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  7. rice :ban:

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  8. yeah but saddly enough the riced out american car could beat my GT when i first got it, infact it ran quicker 1/8th mile times by as mush as 3 to 4 tenths
  9. ill tell ya what ill find out who stole it and probably chopped it put it back together and still take your MACH ;) even if i have to use liquid shwarts ;):lol:
  10. ~260 fwhp to the 98GT's 195ish rwhp. Find a new apt that allows you to work, or find a garage for free, then drop a 4V 4.6 or stroke a Mach I to 5.4 and lower the compression some to keep it around 11:1. Then you will have a respectable GT =). plus Ox will support you with turkey sammiches.
  11. i know but this is the only one that was decently priced and has washer/dryer in the apt itself. the last thing im doing to this motor will be fixing said oil problem and long tubes with a chip ,nawzz is deff out now, but after college im buying a pair of doner cars 96-98 GT's and gutting them out doing body work to get them perfect and dropping a pair of identicle DSS 4.6 2V motors with the HP stage II or III tt kits depending on for this car i dont have funds right now for drastic crap and my mech only works weekends on cars as its at his rented garage and he works nights durring the week
  12. but as for the turkey sammiches i'm eatin the best kind right now leftover deep fried breast with lettuse and mayo
  13. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: i want some turkley sammiches for teh game tonight... prolly just gunna order some Jets pizza
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  15. hungry howies is all greeezy:nonono:
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  17. cars and that all guys think about..? haha..j/k..!:)
  18. stop pretending like theres anything else in the world other than cars and food to tink about :D