anyone installed a hand lever E-brake in a classic?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 3spd on floor, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. i cant remember where i saw it, but someone had put a late-model mustang e-brake handle in one. just curious about it...maybe get something easier to use and maybe that will hold a little better. i figure since its just a cable set up it wouldnt be too hard to rig up. any thoughts?
  2. Not that hard. I used one out of a toyota. I took the whole parking brake and cable set up from the toyota. I made two brackets and wedled them the trans tunel on my stang and welded the parking brake assy. to the brackets, Drilled a 1/2 hole and and used the same gromet that toyota used and ran the cables under the car. Used some thin sheet metal strips 1/2" thick and bend them around the sheath under the car and spot welded each side to the floor board the length of the car to hold the bable up. I cut my mustang cable mid way. I took three of those horseshoe wire rope clamps and joined the cables together. 3 on each side. Have not had a problem yet. I plan on doing the cables agin later with a better set up when the car is on the road agin. all and all i have about 15 bucks into it and about 2 hours