Fox Anyone Use A Csr Water Neck?

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  1. @Ozz
  2. Thanks for the info!

    For what its worth, I'll eventually be trying to compete with my dad's '86, so I'll need lots of little fancy parts:
    (I know, I know, too much red wire loom)
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  3. :rock:Nicely done ^^^

    You have some stiff competition on your hands!
  4. I never get a good deal like that.

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  6. Super nice man. I'd probably be tempted to get a $100 water neck for that engine bay too. :nice:
  7. I went the cheap route and powder coated my stock one. Had no need to get a fancy part.

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  8. I went the even cheaper route, rattle can.
  9. Quicker, probably, but I had all the powder on hand so it didn't cost me anything ;)
  10. Dave, I never get tired of seeing pictures of your car. One of the top 5 IMO with Paul's.

    Where did you get those radiator hoses and ends? Russell?
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  11. Thank you. It's a little different now from that picture (always happening) but that shows the waterneck decently.

    I can't recall the brand but they were sold at Mustangs Unlimited. I didn't see them available when I searched just now, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere still.