anyone use a spacer with 17x10.5 rims in the rear?

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  1. i just got my rims on and even thogh there deep dish in the rear, they still look tucked in, and look like they need a 1/4in, or 1/2in spacer, does anyone run a spacer with DD rims?, and what size is better 1/4in or 1/2in

  2. anymore than 1/4" and you need new studs, 1/2" requires longer studs. Keep it the way it is, 10.5's with rubber is a lot of traction - no reason to shorten your lugs. Adds negative camber as well.
  3. ok cool,

    how will it add negative camber in the rear?
  4. When I had my 95 with 17X10.5's, I ran MM 1/4" spacers in the rear & it looked perfect. 94-98's have the rear thats 3/4" narrower per side than 99-04, & it makes any wheel looked tucked in. I still run those same spacers on my Mach 1 with no problems...
  5. If you use spacers, you want a hub-centric spacer like the MM spacers Epik is talking about.
  6. 1/4 spacers can't be made in hub centric style, the hub mount itself is 1/2". It's this way on 1/8th and 1/4" spacers, believe me i have MM 1/4's right now sitting next to me. Any spacer you see that's those sizes and says hub centric is just saying that to sell more.

    1/2" spacers can be hub centric, but the hub mount is almost as wide as the spacer - and you need longer arp studs.

    I wouldn't recommend running a flat spacer that takes up threads in a rear that has lots of rubber and/or lots of power. I know a guy with a 03 cobra who ran em in the rear, literally broke every single stud at one point or another.
  7. MM 1/4" spacers are like $50...get those
  8. The idea of spacers scares me period...i don't care what anyone says. There are a lot of forces going on in the wheel hub interaction and the last thing I would want to do is increase the moment arm on the stud allowing greater stress at the base of the stud increasing the potential of snapping it. I would be worried every time i drove my car if i had spacers on it

    Also, you can't really add negative camber to a solid rear axle.
  9. Do you guys with 10.5's on 99-04 Mustangs HAVE to run a spacer? I have an 04 Cobra with the IRS still in place. I've thought of buying replicas to run 315's, but like Mustang5L5, I do not want to run a spacer!! Would a low profile IRS bolt and 10.5's be cool?

    Do you guys, rub, or do you just want them pushed out more?
  10. I have them and no i do not have to run spacers. I have no fitment issues at all.:nice: Not sure about IRS's though as i've never messed with one.
  11. Oh, i was thinking front again cuz im using the 1/4's on the front
  12. Yeah I am not a fan of wheel spacers, but thats just me. I had 1/4" spacers on the back with my summit star wheels, and when I threaded on the lug nuts, I had 4 turns of the lug not. I wasnt happy, so I took them off and sold them. Ill deal with the 17" wheels for the track for now