Aquestion on the aero nose Mustangs

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  1. Just curious.

    I know a 79-86 4 eyed headlight nose can be put on a 87-93 nose car and that it would require the redo of the headlight and turnsignal harness. And that I would have to use a 79-82 nose.

    Can a 87-93 car be modified to take the 79-86 1/4 windows and side trim sail panels?

    Reason I ask is that there is a mint condition black 93 Mustang LX hatch with a blown 2.3L and the 5 spd, and 7.5" rear are gone out of it. I have my 2.3L turbo, 5 spd, and a SN95 7.5" rear I could put it.

    But I would want a 79-82 nose. I have a 82 GT nose I could put on and a 81 Mustang nose and turbo hood with scoop I could put on it.
  2. I don't see why the quarter windows wouldn't just drop in, the body itself wasn't changed from '79 to '93.
  3. I've seen a few cases in which someone has put a Capri front end on a newer fox. I think it would be really close to a bolt on. I have considered putting a 4-eyed front on mine, but I just can't make up my mind. I like 'em both.
  4. I think screwing with the wiring to get the old sealed-beam headlamps to work would be a PITA. You'd have to seperate the low and high beam wires and run a seperate ground for one of the two.
  5. I have a friend who is a journeyman electrician that said the wiring is a piece of cake and he is the guy that has swapped the wiring harnesses in his 5.0L EFI car.

    I have 2 almost mint condition 79-81 stock Mustang noses and a 82 Mustang GT nose with the airdam. Since my 80 needs so much bodywork I have toyed with the idea of buying that JY 93 LX hatch and dropping my parts in it and swapping on either the 82 GT nose or the stock 80 Mustang nose and the 1/4 windows and sail panels from my '80 Stang (I like the sail panel look and the 4 eyed cars the best). I would have to cut out and weld in a taillight panel from a 79-82 car to run the 1G Fox taillights.